Saturday, May 8, 2010

Weirdness and other fun...

Well, I was thinking about things that have become a part of my daily life and ... My husband prefers to be naked... all the time if possible. I thought about this while watching him dance around the bedroom naked to Hall & Oates "Maneater". He is comfortable that way and I laugh to myself that this is part of my silly life... watching him dance, do chores, etc... while nude. He is so funny sometimes.... Other Random thoughts... We are both kids at heart... We love Family Guy and Disney... We don't act our age often. It's a fun way to live. I never want to Grow up... not if it means being boring and dull... Also... I love Sparkly things, Shiny, glittery things,... I could be a disco diva if I wasn't a decade late... It don't mean a thing if it don't have that bling! Well, I guess I need to eat. I haven't been hungry since my fill last week. I will tell you more random thoughts later... TTFN... *Maria*

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