Sunday, May 16, 2010

Weekends are tough...

I find that on weekends since we spend so much time at home around the house... I feel hungry more often and eat more. I like the schedules of being out and about since I am distracted from the food more. I go scrapbooking all day and we eat once in the morning and once in the evening. I eat smaller meals and less often. I don't crave snacks and other carbs. I shouldn't eat out all the time but surprisingly I eat healthy in restaurants and when I have leftovers... This sounds ridiculous, right? I don't know why this happens. I am also struggling to get used to the small portions that I am supposed to eat as well. I feel hungry still... I think I need another fill when I visit the doctor next. Tomorrow is monday and I will start anew... Eating well to enhance my weight loss... that is. I know that each step I take is one step closer to my goals... but some days the steps seems more like walking up the side of a mountain... I need to get better at this Eat to Live not Live to Eat thing... Positive thoughts!!! I am powerful and can overcome any obstacle! Please tell me it gets easier, Girls?

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