Friday, May 14, 2010

Eating out

I am eating out too often this week. I try hard to eat healthy at restaurants but basically end up eating the same thing... Grilled chicken and broccoli or a salad. I love it's but not very exciting. i was at Bahama Breeze today and I love it there but when i asked the server what was most healthy or for a nutritional fact sheet... He laughed and said that "nothing was nutritional here"... Not something that should be said with pride. I ended up getting a salad and picking off my husband's plate. He had mashed sweet potatoes which I love but am not really supposed to have so i just have a spoonful or two and I have a little of his chicken. What an inexpensive way to eat out... It was like $14.52 for the bill before our tip. I am scrapbooking all day tomorrow. It's a very therapeutic hobby for me. I am scrapbooking my weight loss journey and did my first layout of my pre-op visit. It looks adorable. I was so nervous and excited that day knowing that the surgery was the next day, like it was "the first day of the rest of my life" and it was. Anyway, I think I need another fill, my restriction is not very good, yet...


  1. Please can you post a pic of you scrapbook layout??? Please????
    I am having a date night dinner at the end of the month with DH which will be our first meal out since being banded. I'm not looking for healthy just a delicious small portion.

  2. Sure Fiona, I am still learning how to do these things... I'm not sure how to add all the photos like other blogs have... I'm new here, my scrapbook is a work in progress, are you scrapping your weight loss journey as well?