Saturday, May 8, 2010

Morbidly Obese, say what?

Let's talk about "Moderation"... I didn't have much use for this term in my old life. I mean... Lays chips bets i can't have just one and they would win that bet. Carbs are my enemy... a lifetime nemesis that has kept me too fat too furious for years... I hate carbs. What ever happened to the Bread of life? I can tell you what happened to it... I ate it. Anyway, I knocked that monkey off my back and told him to take his banana with him. I miss fruit... and chocolate. Which makes Chocolate covered fruit a double whammy! Anyway, I am not very hungry these days anyway after my first fill. A couple months ago before my surgery, I was at the strawberry festival here in Plant City, Florida and was so excited to try Bacon dipped in Chocolate... 2 of my favorites... and it was so yummy! Bacon is the candy of meats, after all... Do you still wonder why I'm Morbidly Obese? What kind of term is that, anyway? Morbidly Obese... I can tell you... Morbidly means death, right? Obese is just another word for Fat.... So I'm too literally too fat to live? Well, those days are behind me... I enjoy my food now... not the anticipation of food like before... but the food itself. I eat slowly and chew completely... It's wonderful! Delicious and I never feel like I have to finish my plate because leftovers are my new best friend. I did really like that Chocolate covered Bacon though...

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  1. I just started to follow your blog. I like you. I did a similar post a while ago about morbidly obese. Horrible word. I hadn't heard of chocolate covered bacon, but I bet my hubby would love that. Don't think they do that here in Aus.