Sunday, May 9, 2010

Thanx for the Big Ass, Mom... and the Big Heart.

Today is Mother's Day... I am not a mother myself, except being Mommy to my Dog, Jynx(His nickname since he jynxes our sports team when he wears their jersey)... Mr. Q is his hardly used real name/he looks like a Q-Tip... That is so much easier than real motherhood although the reward system is similar... What an amazing, more often than not, thankless profession! I love my mother but sometimes I thank her for passing down the slow metabolism and bad eating habits while wildly rolling my eyes... I am blessed to have her though. She tries to be very supportive of my during this uphill battle I'm on... More on the "do as I say, not as I do" type of support but I'll take it where I can get it. She is so strong and always drops everything to be there for us. When I think about Mothers... I wonder why food is a part of all their celebrations. I mean, They are the ones making all the Christmas cookies, buying all the Easter Candy, giving me a dollar for the ice cream truck, baking me a birthday cake, handing out the Halloween candy, serving up a thanksgiving feast, so they are the ones we thank by taking them to a Mother's Day Brunch... Do you see a pattern here? From when we are just born... Food is made a comfort by our mothers giving us our first sip from the breast to packing us a PB&J with the crusts cut off in our Wonder Woman lunch box... Do you think that Wonder Woman could get into that outfit after eating those hostess twinkies or drinking that cherry kool aid? Probably not, but then Wonder Woman is not a mother either. I need to find comfort in other things, now... A mother's embrace, planning our next trip, a tender kiss, a day at DisneyWorld, A Facebook Poke, my nephew's laugh, my husband's smile, a walk in the park, a day with the girls, a therapeutic scrapbooking session, and last but not least... A sign of relief when I step on the scale. The scale is no longer my Enemy... but a supportive friend who appreciates all my hard work and sacrifice. Is the scale always my friend? We fight but we always make up these days... Ours friendship has alot of ups and downs over the years... We're Frienemies. I am slowly but surely making the scale My Friggin' Bitch! As for today, no buffets or all you can eat brunch for me... But my Mom will know I love her... How many calories does a Smile burn again?


  1. I usually hate reading these things as the blogger rambles on and on about things I could care less about (kinda like this) But I must admit you have made this an enjoyable and entertaining read which proves what I have always known about you and that is when you write what is in your heart and soul it becomes magical. Bravo