Monday, May 24, 2010

Leading lady?

Well... I saw Just Wright tonight and It was a great story. Why are there so few "Chubby" leading ladies? Doesn't love come in all shapes and sizes? Does someone having a few extra pounds mean they don't deserve love? Does someone having a curvy body mean they are less attractive than their thinner counterpart? I don't think so... I have been overweight all of my dating life and never had a problem landing a man. In fact, my husband couldn't care less if I lose this weight and thinks I'm beautiful no matter what. He's very handsome and easily could have gotten himself a skinny girl... but he fell for me. He's not a "chubby chaser", I'm the only girl he's dated that isn't "normal" sized, if there is such a thing. It just bothers me that hollywood makes people believe that you have to see bones through your skin in order to be beautiful. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes... I love Queen Latifah for breaking through that stereotype. She's a beautiful leading lady, she's curvy, she's sexy... She is on the big screen and falling in love with the gorgeous leading man. I want more of the curvy leading ladies... and I want their love affairs to not be in spite of being fat but because they're beautiful inside and out. Does fat have to enter into everything? I want to ignore the fact that I'm fat but now that my health has suffered... How can I? I can't refuse to lose weight to prove to the world that beauty comes from within.... I am beautiful...We all are. And now we're getting healthier and can do more, enjoy life more, challenge ourselves and feel better about ourselves and our health. I hate that people are so superficial.... but reading all your blogs has shown me that I'm not the only curvy chick that's found her Prince Charming... We are loved deeply, and appreciated for our beauty. We took control of our destiny and are fighting against the odds. We are all incredible, amazing, sexy, gorgeous, seductive, thoughtful, caring, loving, charismatic, vibrant women. We are all leading ladies in our own romantic comedies... Sometimes we have a little more comedy, than romance...but what good story doesn't?


  1. excellent post and i liked that movie too!! :-)

  2. <3 Queen Latifah for all those reasons. She is talented and it has nothing to do with her size.

  3. Great thoughts girl! I agree, we truly are the leading ladies in our own romantic comedies. My DH and I always laugh about the "things" we could never go around telling others :-) Thank God for men like yours and mine. That somehow by the grace of God are NOT all caught up in the superficial views of women!