Saturday, December 31, 2011

ReNew... My Word for 2012


  • RENEW... My WillPower~I have not struggled with willpower in a long while, Why? You ask... because i haven't needed to struggle since giving in has become the new Thing... for me. I have reverted back to my start the diet monday, and feast until then mentality. We all know how well that process works.
  • RENEW... My Strength~This is part of the first section since Strength is what it takes to win the war. Even though, I've lost a few battles, I will win the War.
  • RENEW... My World~It's boring me these days, I need to get out more and enjoy this city that I love so much, Enjoy my Man that I love so much, and enjoy my family that I love so much.
  • RENEW... My Exercise plan~I have moved my Wii to a more convienent TV and I will Just Dance every day, Start back at the Gym 3 times a week and work up to 4 or 5 times a week, and walk my Dog twice a day or more.
  • RENEW.... My Meal plan~I have to CUT out the Fat by cutting out the Carbs, again. I have come to the acception that If i cannot eat just one of something, I cannot eat even one... I don't know if that's just for now or for a lifetime.
  • RENEW... My Life~Similar to my World... My Life is not as full as I would like it to be... I wanted to move back here to be closer to my family but I didn't want to give up so much for so long. We need to get back our travels and reconnect with old friends to RENEW old friendships. I miss my O-Town friends but Here is where my life began, here is where I met the love of my life, here is where my family flourishes, and here is where my heart lives. Here is Home..
  • RENEW... My Routine~I need to shake off the lazy and get back to crazy. I need to multi-task and get it done.
  • RENEW... My Reward system~I have never rewarded myself for my weight loss, and most of it has to do with lack of funds, but I need to work towards something... or I'm not going to bring my best self to the game. And as you know...You have to Bring it, to Be it!
  • RENEW.... My Band~This is more complex. Tomorrow, I start the New Year with liquids...
    I am flushing out my system and getting the CARB Monkey off my back. The 5 day pouch test begins tomorrow.... After, 1 month... If I am continuing to not see the results, I desire... I will RENEW my band to a Gastric Sleeve. I am proud of what my band has taught me and what it has done for my health... but my journey is only like 1/2 over, I may need more help to get to where I need to be.

RENEW.... I have been successful at most diets for at least 3 months, if I can continue that rate of success without gaining back on my breaks... I will get there, even in utter Failure. But who wants to wait a decade to get the weight off.... LOL. Let's get there together in 2012. We will continue to support each other, pick each other up when we each fall, and SUCCESS will be ours. It takes Teamwork to make the Dream Work! Happy New Year to all my BOOBS! I love you all! XOXO *M*

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas comes in like a Bullet!

Christmas thoughts... Bullet-Style!

  • I am not afraid of making bad food choices on Christmas Eve and Day... mainly because I haven't been making the best choices on the rest of the days. But my choices have been better this week than last... so we'll call that progress.
  • I love all the Christmas Shows and music... It doesn't annoy me like many other Scrooge type folks. I love to sing and Christmas welcomes it more. People don't stare at you as much when you sing along to Christmas Carols as they do when you ask them to look at you body because you work out... like LMFAO.... LOL
  • I love seeing people wear their faith on their sleeves this time of year... You believe in God and you are proud of it... Yay! It is wonderful to see people full of the light of the Lord at a time when you are much more likely to find 3 Hos, then 3 wise men. I don't believe in using the term X-Mas even though Jesus wasn't born this time of year since this is when Christians celebrate his birth.
  • I love hats as you know and i have many Christmas Hats for that reason...My favorite is one of my favorite colors... Sequins.
  • I can't wait to spend my first Christmas in over a decade with my family... I love them all so much.
  • Next year, There will be 2 more little girls in this family, My Niece Niki is having a Girl and so is my Sister-in-Law Tobi. My nephews are having a baby sister... Yay! I am going to be a Great-Aunt when my sister's daughter gives birth in May... Making me a Surrogate Grandma... Since my sister passed away several years ago and we helped raise her teenage daughter since then. Niki is 22 now... but she is in an abusive/unhealthy relationship so please pray for her...
  • Money is really tight this year so this will be the first year in over 20 years that we don't send out Christmas cards.... It's hard to swallow but at least we are surrounded with love.
  • Tomorrow... Christmas Eve, We spend at my Aunt's house with all my family and Sunday... Christmas Day, we spend the afternoon at my Uncle's house and the evening at my other Aunt's house. It is going be action packed. My father's sister keeps alot of the German traditions(I am like 65% German decent).
  • Have a Wonderful Christmas Weekend to you all! XOXO

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The road to recovery has alot of scenic routes and forks...

When they say.... You must be taking the Scenic Route, I usually am. I am a Traveler not a Tourist. I enjoy the journey as much as the destination. Well, I'm getting tired of the Scenic Route to LessVille. LessVille is where I have been heading for over 18 months... Less Weight, Less Health issues, Less Back and Knee Pain, Less restrictions.... The problem is that the fastest way to get there is LESS too... Less Carbs and Less Sugar, and Less Loafing in front of the TV. The trip takes me through MoreTown, More exercise, more calorie counting, more dieting... if i take the route through MoreTown... it also means MORE SUCCESS. Here are the issues...

  • I need to give up the drugs... SUGAR is my drug of choice. I need to go cold turkey since Moderation is like the impossible dream. I can't keep being a dreamer, Reality is not just for TV.
  • I have to deal with the pain and work out harder and more.... No Pain, Means U Gain. And I want to Lose, not gain.
  • So far, I have been maintaining and even losing a little... so I don't get the fire under me that I need, but I need to work harder. Much Harder!
  • These Depression filled months have been killing my Food Choices, and I have to shake it off. But my husband being out of work and my first Christmas back home being financially unsparkly... is difficult. I know I will be surrounded with my family and that's all that should matter, the few gifts i got here and there will have to do.
  • I am reading Kendra Wilkinson's(Playboy Playmate who was one of the Girls Next Door) second book and surprisingly the skinny sexy bitch got me back in the Here and Now. She gained 57 pounds in her pregnancy and struggled to get it off. She said that it made her more aware of the people who struggle with their weight and how tough it is for them. If she who has tons of money, personal trainers, a Professional Athlete husband, could hire a chef, and makes her money based on her desirability and her looks struggled to lose the weight... What hope is there for the rest of us? Well, She has a tyroid problem... but have a Procrastination problem, Get it Together Maria! You will never be in Playboy but you can get from Chub to Chunk to just plain Thick.
  • 2012 is gonna kick 2011's ASS.... Big time!
  • I haven't been blogging enough... at all.
  • I am going to try harder, and be better... overall.
  • XOXO.... I love you guys! Thanx for your incredible support.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Worldwind Week....

Well.... Bullets, anyone?

  • We have been traveling alot these last 2 months... Even Too Much, I think.
  • I enjoyed Disneyland, alot.... but it is always busy, too busy and it's been really cold.
  • We are now staying in Pasadena, which is a first for us and it is a cute little area which fairly good access to the Studios we've been hitting these last few days.
  • We watched Rules of Engagement, & Mike & Molly be filmed and met the casts... it was nice and we enjoyed it. Tomorrow we are seeing Hot in Cleveland before catching the Red eye back to Philly.
  • I rode alot of Roller Coasters and Thrill rides both at Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood...
  • SoCal Folk must love Churros....
  • Young Asian Girls seem to warm up their Daisy Duke shorts with black tights and winter boots... Interesting look?
  • Traffic sucks in LA!
  • We saw the Flyers beat the Ducks last Friday, that's Hockey for you Sports Challenged Girls... It was a great game!
  • We went to a Dinner Show called Battle of the Dance which was Hella Fun! Food was banquet style but edible and the dancers were great.
  • I miss my Nephews so much I could Die.... Drama Queen, much?
  • I look forward to Christmas so much.... It's great to be home.