Monday, October 29, 2012

Preparing for Sandy's Wrath....

Well, I escaped Florida with it's Tropical Storms and Hurricanes Galore? And now the 2nd Largest Atlantic Hurricane is headed our way.... Really? God must really have a sense of humor....

  • Lucky... That I have about a million things overflowing from my neglected DVR, I came back from Disney to 99% filled up. Let's just hope that the power stays on.
  • Unlucky... That I am about to start my pre-op diet in a few days and I wanted to eat out one last time, and I have had problems finding my protein shakes.
  • Lucky... I am crazy about my husband and don't mind spending day and night with him for days.
  • Unlucky... That Dogs don't use a litterbox, and mine doesn't care for the wetness.
  • Lucky...That I still have a lot of fat to live off of if we run out of food or lose power and the fridge takes a hit.
  • Unlucky....That the house I live in is over 100 years old, so it loses power every time someone sneezes.
  • Lucky.... I have 2 books to read from the library.
  • Unlucky... My eyes are not good enough to read by candlelight.
  • Lucky... We of the Eastcoast have all your best wishes and prayers... to get us through this.
  • Unlucky... We may lose power and not see all your wishes and prayers.
  • Lucky... That this whiney, long-winded blog post is ending.

Monday, October 22, 2012

I'm Back... and Bulleting like a Gunslinger.

A lot to catch up on....

  • I have been torn lately, wanting to eat things that my band has prevented me from eating for years... but not having the desire. Weird feeling... 
  • My Gastric Bypass Surgery is scheduled for November 13... I am scheduled for a day of nutrition classes, blood tests and ultrasounds on November 2nd, and my pre-op diet is much easier than my lapband one. Different surgeons, different rules. 
  • I feel like I am in a better place when going into this surgery... I guess the Lexapro is really helping and I am fed up with the pain.     
  • Being in Florida was a different experience this time, I wasn't wanting to rush around to all my favorite restaurants and I wasn't shopping like crazy. I just enjoyed time with friends and got my house more in order. 
  • I have been taking my journey one day at a time, easing into my new life... I am hoping that I am more equipped to succeed this time. I believe that I am.
  • Saw some great movies... Like Sinister, Seven Psychopaths, Wreck-it-Ralph, Lincoln, Alex Cross, and a not so great one... Paranormal Activity 4(I wasn't a fan of any of them actually), and I liked Fun Size too.          
  • I had a great time at my Family's Pumpkin Painting/Carving Party yesterday... It was so much fun. I spent time with my baby nieces, and my nephews. I missed them so much while in Orlando. My Aunt had a beautiful spread of food, but I ate less of it, than usual. It was such a strange experience. I couldn't believe it.                                                            

Monday, October 1, 2012

Great Eggface Giveaway!

Eggface has 10000 friends on facebook and she's celebrating by giving away great stuff.... Here's the link

Week full of Bullets!

Let's get this thing rolling....

  • Well, Lexapro is amazing.... I am clear-headed, binge-free, carving-free, depression-free, anxiety-free, and my night eating syndrome is in check... Life is Good! I am only on 5mg a day but I have my full range of emotions, except they are under my control for once. 
  • I have been keeping my weight under control without my band which is wonderful.....
  • I am excited about seeing Taken 2 tomorrow night... I love Liam Neeson and the first one was amazing...
  • We are preparing for one of our Orlando Work trips.... We are heading down to Disney the middle of the week for My George to work for a couple weeks. He works and I play... It works out great for me.... LOL 
  • My In-Laws gave me their old car(2004 Chevy Trailblazer) instead of trading it in when they bought their new one...It's a lot newer than mine so that's great. Mine has been a death trap lately so It couldn't come at a better time. I am a happy girl, who may be slightly spoiled but in a cute way.... LOL
  • My surgery is not scheduled yet but I am almost through the insurance approval process so it shouldn't be long before it gets scheduled. I am planning on around the 5th of November which means I will have to vote early or absentee ballot since I will still be in the hospital.
  • I look forward to seeing my sweet nieces and Nephews dressed in their Halloween costumes and going trick or treating with them so I am deliberately waiting another week to schedule my surgery.