Saturday, August 27, 2011

Worst Week... Reality, It's not just for TV.

What can I say about a week that kept getting worse? You know the phrase... "At least It couldn't get any worse..." I stopped saying it, because it can get worse and will, sometimes!
  • Monday~I started the week gazing at a $200 water bill... It can only get better, right?
  • Tuesday~My husband was cleaning the family room and moved the chaise lounge to vacuum under it, and after a series of mishaps... Our 50" Flat Screen got cracked...At least, your husband cleans... Ummm, ok there's that and At least It can't get any worse. That afternoon, I was alone in the house when I experienced my first Earthquake. My husband rushed home thinking a tree fell over and hit the house, and left again thinking I was losing it, big time. But, no... Earthquake. What's gonna happen next?
  • Wednesday, I wake up and look out the window to see my car is gone... Reprocessed, after getting behind in payments when my husband was out of work for 3 months... we were paying double payments for a couple months now trying to get caught up. They promised us to defer the past due to the end of our loan, but must have been leading us on to get as much money as they could from us. And they took our car back, with all our stuff inside it... in the middle of the night. Who did we screw over in our past lives?
  • Thursday, We find out that we have to go to Kensington in Philadelphia to pick up our items from our car... Kensington is the working class neighborhood where my Mother grew up, but now it is not a nice blue collar family neighborhood anymore... It's more of a drive-by ganghood these days. I was given the run around all day by the Repo guy... and didn't get my stuff back. I can't believe how these people treat those of us who are struggling in this bad economy... but my Fellow BOOBs brightened my day with a wonderful BOOB of the day post about me where my good friends said wonderful glowing things about me and I didn't feel like such a loser deadbeat anymore. The sun will come out tomorrow.
  • Friday, We went to the ghetto to get our stuff and even a worse part of town then planned... North Philly. Wow! but after a horrible experience... We had our stuff and we have each other. We were hardly using that car anyway, because this is the big city and we like the subway... it's cheaper than GAS. Like One Republic sings... This Could really be a Good Life, a Good, Good Life!
  • Saturday~ One Disaster a week... That's for WIMPS. How about a Hurricane? or some Tornadoes for good measure? As it rains and rains outside, I am thankful to be safe and to have friends and family who love me. Like a Postman, neither rain, nor sleet, nor Gloom of night will keep me from my Appointed Blog Post for I am a Postman too... LOL
  • Sunday~Full Circle, all week I have been saying, "I just need to get through this week" since my Great Aunt's 80th birthday party is Sunday where I will spend the day surrounded by my loving family swimming in my Uncle's pool. Well, due to Hurricanes and heavy rain... The Party is cancelled. But on the Bright Side, We all have puddles deep enough to swim in and our basement is flooding as we speak, Who doesn't like an indoor pool? Should I ask Marnie to remove the curse on me? (That is a True Blood reference for you Basic Cablers...)

In Summary, My Week was bad... but My Life is Good. "Sometimes there's Airplanes I can't jump out, Sometimes there's bullshit that don't work now, We are God of Stories, but please tell me... What there is to complain about? When you're Happy like a Fool, Let it Take you over... When Everything is Out, You got to Take it In.... Oh, This has Gotta be the Good Life" Two other things come to mind... From the book of Mark in the Bible "It is Easier for a Camel to pass through the Eye of a Needle, than a Rich Man to enter the Kingdom of God" I guess, better to suffer here, than for Eternity.... Let's end on a more positive note, From It's a Wonderful Life... "No man is a failure who has Friends! I may not be rich in funds but I am rich in FUNs. I love you all!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

You are the Wind beneath my batwings!

Me and Jen on the EL from the airport.... Yay! Chicago!
Me and last year's roomies.... 3 of us are back together this year with a new roomie.

You are the wind beneath my Batwings.... I told a very good friend of mine that on facebook.... the other day. Her name is Jen and here is our story.
  • Jen-Whoever of you hasn't met my roomie Jen yet... hopefully will get to meet her next month in Chicago. Jen who you may know about from "It is all about me..." ... But she is sweet, loving, funny, and so friggin' supportive... It's hard to believe there is that good a friend out there waiting for you, at this age. It is easier to meet new friends when you're in school or even at work but for me... not so much. I hang on to friends who I probably should have let go of because replacing even the worst candidates is difficult as you get older. When I found you all.... I didn't expect to get as much out of this friendship as I have, but I am so happy to be wrong. Jen is a caregiver, she is a guidance counseler who loves kids and animals. She has her own little farm with a Donkey, and a goat...

Jen and I had wrote back and forth on facebook a few times before Chicago last year. We found out that we were getting into Midway airport at the same time, which meant we could meet at the airport and ride the EL together. That was gonna be great, since like everyone else... I was nervous about meeting 50 or so women most of whom I had never met before. A few weeks later, after her roommate was struggling to find the money to go and was considering cancelling... My roommate and I combined into their double room. It saved us all money and we had a great time. So good a time, that we are sharing a room this year too.

I found a friend... a really GOOD one. And it's all because of Chicago. I think whoever is thinking of going still but isn't sure... You will meet alot of new friends and come home a different person... It's like 40 days away, I can't wait to see my old friends and meet some new ones.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pity Party... Table for ONE.

I am hanging tough... on this plateau still. but...
  • I haven't been exercising at all.
  • I have been eating things I don't usually.
  • I have been pretty depressed lately.
  • I haven't been feeling great(See above where I told you I haven't been eating very well)
  • I have been getting in my protein and fiber daily.
  • I have been getting my water in daily.
  • I have been getting most of the vitamins in daily.
  • I have been healthy food binging... again.

I am wondering why my metabolism has to be this bad. I have to bust my ass to lose 1 pound, and I hate it. I wish I had been smart and had the Gastric bypass. If I had, and I was eating mostly healthy like I am... I would have lost about 200 pounds by now. I wasn't afraid of the major surgery... I was more afraid of not eating right and gaining the weight back since you don't have to work as hard to lose it because of the malabsorption. It may be the LAZINESS talking... since the depression makes me not feel like doing anything at all. I need to cut all the crap and start DIETING. I wanted to do it by eating healthy and exercising but the truth is... It's taking too long. I need to lower my calories to 1000 and get to the gym. If I cut the carbs to less than 50g a day... That definitely would help. I feel like having a pity party... but party's without carbs suck!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

BYOC... I have been busy but I keep missing them each week... Here it is.

BYOC... Sunday Edition.
1) I am going to pick a person in your life-Not knowing if you have a Good/Bad, Existent or Non-Existent relationship with them-And your Mission is to pick 5 words or traits or thoughts to describe them...
Your Paternal Grandmother...
Strict and Practical
Extremely Hard Life... She was wrinkled like a prune when I was born, She died when I was only 13, It was the first death I really remember, and I really struggled with it since I adored her so much. I learned to speak German to speak to her, and never spoke it again after she died.
Juicyfruit Gum & Hard Candy in a Dish
Pulling and Rolling Strudel... My brother poked his head through the middle of it once and she was so mad.
German... Strong, and Extraordinary.
2)What's your all-time favorite color to paint your nails? and your toes?
Blue, all shades.... and it glitter a color?
3)Do you get along with your parents well?
I was always a Daddy's Girl, my Mom and I were also very close. They gave us everything we wished for growing up even though we were quite poor. They went without so we could be spoiled. They had a great love affair, my Dad spoiled my Mom something awful and I always remember them being very loving toward each other. My Dad died in 2003, after a 46 day fight with Pancreatic Cancer and I miss him alot everyday. When he died, a part of my Mother died with him and she's never been the same since, We are not as close now... but I still see her often and talk to her on the phone almost everyday.
4)Speaking of Rainbows-Rank the colors in the order you prefer...
Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Green, Pink
5)Repeat Question... How was your life in real life and in blogland this week?
It was a busy week, we went to NYC for the day, Spent a day hanging around downtown Philly, planned a cruise for November, Went to the Maroon 5/Train concert, and saw my nephews several times since they were in Ocean City, MD the week before so we had to catch up. In Blogland, I complained, bitched and moaned. I summarized, I theorized, I wrapped up... and I got alot of support and love from my best girlfriends.

A Whirlwind Week.... In a Long-Winded Nutshell!

Well, I am exhausted... and sore. Since my friend from Orlando was visiting this week I have been running around all week(Actually Walking... but running seems more dramatic.).
We were supposed to go to NYC for the day on Wednesday. Since it is only about 1 1/2 hours from here we go often, but we usually do it at a relaxing pace. Wednesday was a rainy day and my friend has never been to NYC before so I encouraged him to switch days and go on Thursday. So Wednesday, we met my Mom for lunch( He loves my Mom and says she's the Mother he never had... And I sometimes wish she was the Mother I never had... LOL)
Thursday, we headed to Jersey City, where we park and take the train into the City. We got off the train at the WTC. And by then I was starving... but it seems regular folks want to get a snack to hold them over. I rarely eat snacks... but into the Rite Aid I go looking for a "Healthy" option. I saw some Beef Jerky but no Turkey Jerky... and they had greek yogurt but it is hard to eat on the go, and I usually only eat one a day to keep the carbs down, luckily I had a Atkins Daybreak bar in my purse but I grabbed a big bottle of water and a bag of almonds that I could munch on throughout the day and share with my friends and my George. We took the subway to Times Square and did some shopping. Then they wanted to stop for another snack. I am not a grazer anymore... Hello! My husband was eating a very tempting Cupcake which I ate a few bites of and I got another water.... Hydrate! Hydrate! We walked to Rockafeller Center so they could check out the fountain and I showed them the tiny area where the ice rink is in winter... We walked to Central Park. I was hungry again by then, and we hadn't really eaten all day. I munched on some Almonds... We were pretty much done our day by then... So we took the Subway to the Village and were going to get the Path(Train) to Jersey City. My Friend saw a Pizza Parlor and he so wanted to try NY Pizza.(Over-rated, and it's the same foldable stuff we have in Philly, You really have to know a good place not just randomly hit a Parlor you walk by... LOL) I was standing staring at the Pizza(Which I don't have alot of luck with Post-Band, but if I do try to eat any pizza, it has to be thin and crispy) I got a slice of the Chicken and Broccoli, since I could eat the toppings off of it. I ate 2 bites and felt full, My George ate the rest. When we got back to the car, I was thrilled that my Friend was driving back home... and I just enjoyed the ride, I always drive.... It was nice to have someone else take the wheel.
That night, I was so sore and in so much pain, that i hoped it would subside after a good night's sleep... It wasn't. When I woke up yesterday morning, I was still sore and hurting all over. I picked my friend up at the airport, he returned his rental car... I took them on a driving tour of Philly. I showed them alot. Then we parked the car at my house and picked up George. We took the train downtown and over to Camden, NJ for an awesome Concert... It was Train(My Favorite) and Maroon 5, and Gavin DeGraw opened up for them. It was a great concert. Pat Monahan clasped my hand when he walked around the audience during Marry Me... He was incredibly sweaty and I was on Cloud 9. You all know my weakness for the Black Haired Blue Eyed Irishmen(See... My George)... After the Concert, we walked by Gavin DeGraw's RV and he came out eating a sandwich so we got to meet him and I took a photo of my George with him. It was a great end to a great night.
In Other News, My scale is definitely broken... I am not sure where I am with my weight and I need to find out. My calories have been pretty low(Yesterday was 840, weird?) But even though I've been walking alot, I haven't been to the gym in a week. So, I need to find out where I am with my Weight.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fill 'er up! And see the Sights!

I NEED A FILL.... BIG TIME! I am hungry almost all day. I wake up and I am not really hungry but I definitely could eat(That means I am sorta hungry, which feels strange since even before I was banded, I wasn't a breakfast person... and never have I felt like eating when I wake up since my band was installed, I am a protein shake, greek yogurt kind of gal) Well, I got my insurance switched over last month... but I have been playing phone tag with my new bariatric doctor(Hopefully) and I am starting to think that it's not worth all the effort.(Dr. Noel Williams is a big cheese in Bariatrics and I did alot of research and decided that since the Penn Bariatric Center is huge and has amazing reviews, including that I've been going to their support groups and you don't have to wait to get a fill with the surgeon, the PA does it. I really hope I get a call back tomorrow. I need to get in there and have them accept me, since I had my surgery elsewhere.
It is 2:51am and I am struggling to sleep because I am hungry again... especially because of how close I have been watching what I eat lately... to keep my calories down still since I am eating more than usual. My calories have been landing closer to 1500 instead of my normal 1200. I don't want to start gaining weight but I hate the hunger feeling...It sucks. Once you feel what it is without it for so long. Hunger... Why must you haunt me? I thought I felt it coming back, but I blamed it on my TOM... but I was right. I really need a fill. I have no energy from cutting the carbs. I have been thinking of doing some diet like Dukan or Atkins or whatever to get myself back together but I think that the fill is most important. If I don't use my tool right, the deprivation will cause serious cravings.
My friend from Orlando, who I worked with at DisneyWorld is visiting the area this week. I look forward to seeing him and dragging him all over Downtown Philly and NYC. I am going to show off my Roots. Let him ring my Liberty Bell(They actually don't let you touch it, although I have sneaked a couple times), Watch him run up the Art Museum steps like Rocky, take him to Chinatown, South Street, Boathouse Row, the Reading Terminal Market, and I hope he'll want to see some of where our Nation got it's start.(Why aren't people more interested in our History?) He's never been to NYC, and I haven't done any of the touristy things there in over a decade so we'll see what trouble we can get into there too.

Monday, August 1, 2011

20 questions... and answers?

I decided to cheat and steal this survey from Steph who stole from Banded Bella who stole from Sam. So hopefully, we'll get to know each other better... Or at least I will look like I posted more often.
1)What is your occupation right now?
I am a Trophy Wife mainly concentrating on getting my health back in check. I am also the Family Travel Agent...
2)What color are your socks right now?
White socks earlier for the gym but I get them off as quickly as I can... I am not a socks person which was fine in Orlando these past 10+ years... but now that I am back home in Philly, I am going to have to get used to wearing shoes and socks again. To be honest, there was a long time when slip on shoes(flip flops, etc) were my only option without involving my husband in putting my socks and shoes on and off... but I can put my own socks and shoes on nowadays and I am loving every minute of it.
3)What are you listening to right now? Rain and thunder(A little too close for comfort)... It is relaxing me, but I am glad I am not out in it. I am going through my clothes and getting stuff together for good will and storage for later. As I do that, I am listening to Christina Perri's new album(Another Philly Girl).
4)What was the last thing you ate?
I had grilled chicken and a salad mix of Arugala and Baby Spinach with Raspberry Vinagrette dressing(I found a delicious one that's only 35 calories for 2 tbsp. It was a yummy lunch.
5)Can you drive Stick Shift?
I was given a brief tutoral by my Dad like 100 years ago but I have never driven one... and don't plan on starting now.
6)Last Person you spoke to on the phone...
My husband calls me every day on his lunch break... but I am more of a texter so mostly, I text. I do love hearing his voice though, He's the Bees' Knees!(I am not sure what that old timers' phrase means but It's fun and It is a positive saying for sure!
7)Do you like the person you stole this blog from?
Of course, why would I be reading people's blogs that annoy me? I don't have that much free time. I read alot of blogs even though I don't comment every time and I adore you all... I mean, anyone who can put up with all my whining and drama deserves a comment but I need more than 24 hours in a day.

8)How old are you today?
Didn't anyone ever tell you it's rude to ask a lady her age? Luckily, I'm not usually a lady... so I am 42 years old in my body and 22 in my mind.
9)What's your favorite sport to watch on TV?
I am a HUGE Phillies Phan.... So I watch almost every game on TV and go to see as many as I can live.... Baseball, which Steph says is like watching paint dry... which is it To Me too, like watching paint drying on the nude bodies of True Blood's men... LOL. I also love Hockey and Football but only my teams...Flyers and Eagles respectfully.
10)What is your favorite drink?
It used to be sweet tea, but I don't drink anything with more than 5 calories unless it's a protein shake... but I really love Root Beer. I just take a sip every once in a while.
11)Have you ever dyed your hair?
I love my hair and I am glad I never really dyed it but when I was a teenager I wanted to try some other color and my Mom always told me that I wouldn't get my natural color back the same again... and It's gotten darker every year since... but I do highlight it once in a decade or so.
12)Favorite Food?
I think my favorite food are all Desserts, hence the robust curves.... but I really love Peanut Butter, It is a trigger food, but I really love it!
13)What is the last movie that you watched?
I haven't watched any movies at home recently, but we did see Friends with Benefits in the theater last week.
14)Favorite Day of the Year?
I guess I would have to say Christmas but I am not sure if I like Christmas Day or Christmas Eve more... they are both great.
15)How do you vent Anger?
I am a Philly Girl at Heart so I use alot of 4 letter words... and think of new ways to use the F word. I don't get angry alot, but I do sometimes struggle with Road Rage, I am not sure how some of these folks passed their driving test...LOL
16)What was your favorite Toy as a Child?
I know it's shocking, coming from a Fatty, but I loved my Easy Bake Oven... which is strange since I don't like to cook much.
17)What is your favorite season?
I can't wait for Autumn because It has always been my favorite and It's the one I missed most in Florida. I love seeing the leaves change colors, pumpkin patches, fall festivals, halloween, and the nice mild breezy weather that goes with it.
18)Cherries or Blueberries?
I am not a huge fan of either. I like Wild Black cherry and those maracino cherries that go on the top of a sundae or in a Shirley Temple drink...LOL I also love Blueberry muffins but not blueberries themselves. I do love Blackberries, raspberries, and Strawberries though.
19)Do you want your friends to blog this survey?
Yes, I'd love to learn new things about you all. Fun!
20)Where is your favorite place to escape?
I love Cruising, It is the best vacation since you don't have to worry about where to eat, how to get here or there, where to stay... It is a great escape, but my everyday escape is in my George's arms. I feel safe there and more relaxed than anywhere else. I could lie there listening to his heart for hours.
21)Favorite TV Show?
I love TV... I can't pick just one but these are my top 10. True Blood, Dexter, Modern Family, Hot in Cleveland, GLEE, The Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, Marriage Ref, Dancing With the Stars, and Gene Simmons Family Jewels(I think Gene Simmons is amazing, He's one of the people I would most like to meet).... I love repeats of some of my favorites from the past like That 70's Show, Family Guy, and Ghostwhisperer.
22)Living Arrangements?
My George and I have regressed and moved back home with my Mother-in-Law. I thought it was temporary but I really like it here and we are able to travel more and help her make ends meet.
23)When was the last time you cried?
I watched the Gene Simmons Family Jewels season finale the other night and when he finally asked Shannon(his live-in girlfriend of 28 years that he has and raised 2 awesome kids together with) to marry him. I was so moved by his proposal, that I cried. I actually get emotionally involved with movies, TV Shows, and even commericals sometimes.
24)What is on the floor of your closet?
Baskets with purses and hats in them....
25)Who is the friend you have had the longest?
My Friend Lisa who I met in 10th grade is the one I've had the longest. We still spend alot of time together. One of my closest friends is also my Aunt who is a little over 4 years older than me, we were basically raised together and we talk all the time and spend alot of time together(We are more like sisters, my Mom is the oldest and she is the youngest, they were born 18 years apart)...
26)What did you do last night?
After George got off of work, we went to the Texas Roadhouse for dinner. It was great. I love it there. I order off the kids' menu, sirloin tips and broccoli or grilled chicken and broccoli. But we always share the fried pickles appetizer. They are yummy and probably the lowest calorie friend food ever...LOL
27)What are you most afraid of?
Losing George, when my Mom lost my Dad, a part of her died with him and she's struggled to find herself ever since. I can't imagine life without my George.
28)Plain, Cheese, or Spicy hamburger?
Well, Turkey burger with alot of spices... I eat my burgers without a roll so they have to be good.
29)Favorite Dog Breed?
I don't care as long as It's a rescue dog. I don't believe in buying bred dogs but I do like them smaller. My dog is a jack russell mix of some sort, just an adorable rescue mutt.
30)Favorite Day of the Week?
Any day that George is off work is special, I love when he's off during the week and we go downtown and shop, hit Reading Terminal Market and Chinatown or even South Street. Weekend days off are not as good but more relaxing. Just vegging out.
31)How many states have you lived in?
Only a Few... Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Florida.
32)Diamonds or Pearls?
Well, I think Pearls are sexy but I love sparkle so I am leaning toward diamonds. I prefer CZs since the fake man made stuff sparkles more and is more affordable....LOL
33)What is your favorite Flower?
I like the tropical look of the Hibiscus, the smell of roses, and the fun of gerber daisies.
Well, What are your answers?