Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Whirlwind Week.... In a Long-Winded Nutshell!

Well, I am exhausted... and sore. Since my friend from Orlando was visiting this week I have been running around all week(Actually Walking... but running seems more dramatic.).
We were supposed to go to NYC for the day on Wednesday. Since it is only about 1 1/2 hours from here we go often, but we usually do it at a relaxing pace. Wednesday was a rainy day and my friend has never been to NYC before so I encouraged him to switch days and go on Thursday. So Wednesday, we met my Mom for lunch( He loves my Mom and says she's the Mother he never had... And I sometimes wish she was the Mother I never had... LOL)
Thursday, we headed to Jersey City, where we park and take the train into the City. We got off the train at the WTC. And by then I was starving... but it seems regular folks want to get a snack to hold them over. I rarely eat snacks... but into the Rite Aid I go looking for a "Healthy" option. I saw some Beef Jerky but no Turkey Jerky... and they had greek yogurt but it is hard to eat on the go, and I usually only eat one a day to keep the carbs down, luckily I had a Atkins Daybreak bar in my purse but I grabbed a big bottle of water and a bag of almonds that I could munch on throughout the day and share with my friends and my George. We took the subway to Times Square and did some shopping. Then they wanted to stop for another snack. I am not a grazer anymore... Hello! My husband was eating a very tempting Cupcake which I ate a few bites of and I got another water.... Hydrate! Hydrate! We walked to Rockafeller Center so they could check out the fountain and I showed them the tiny area where the ice rink is in winter... We walked to Central Park. I was hungry again by then, and we hadn't really eaten all day. I munched on some Almonds... We were pretty much done our day by then... So we took the Subway to the Village and were going to get the Path(Train) to Jersey City. My Friend saw a Pizza Parlor and he so wanted to try NY Pizza.(Over-rated, and it's the same foldable stuff we have in Philly, You really have to know a good place not just randomly hit a Parlor you walk by... LOL) I was standing staring at the Pizza(Which I don't have alot of luck with Post-Band, but if I do try to eat any pizza, it has to be thin and crispy) I got a slice of the Chicken and Broccoli, since I could eat the toppings off of it. I ate 2 bites and felt full, My George ate the rest. When we got back to the car, I was thrilled that my Friend was driving back home... and I just enjoyed the ride, I always drive.... It was nice to have someone else take the wheel.
That night, I was so sore and in so much pain, that i hoped it would subside after a good night's sleep... It wasn't. When I woke up yesterday morning, I was still sore and hurting all over. I picked my friend up at the airport, he returned his rental car... I took them on a driving tour of Philly. I showed them alot. Then we parked the car at my house and picked up George. We took the train downtown and over to Camden, NJ for an awesome Concert... It was Train(My Favorite) and Maroon 5, and Gavin DeGraw opened up for them. It was a great concert. Pat Monahan clasped my hand when he walked around the audience during Marry Me... He was incredibly sweaty and I was on Cloud 9. You all know my weakness for the Black Haired Blue Eyed Irishmen(See... My George)... After the Concert, we walked by Gavin DeGraw's RV and he came out eating a sandwich so we got to meet him and I took a photo of my George with him. It was a great end to a great night.
In Other News, My scale is definitely broken... I am not sure where I am with my weight and I need to find out. My calories have been pretty low(Yesterday was 840, weird?) But even though I've been walking alot, I haven't been to the gym in a week. So, I need to find out where I am with my Weight.


  1. I almost went to that Train show! My friend works on their crew, so I go to most of the shows in the area. I decided to skip Camden, but I am going tomorrow :)

  2. It sounds like you need to have a restfull Sunday young lady. Very b usy but sounds like you all had a lot of fun! Good for you!