Saturday, August 6, 2011

BYOC... I have been busy but I keep missing them each week... Here it is.

BYOC... Sunday Edition.
1) I am going to pick a person in your life-Not knowing if you have a Good/Bad, Existent or Non-Existent relationship with them-And your Mission is to pick 5 words or traits or thoughts to describe them...
Your Paternal Grandmother...
Strict and Practical
Extremely Hard Life... She was wrinkled like a prune when I was born, She died when I was only 13, It was the first death I really remember, and I really struggled with it since I adored her so much. I learned to speak German to speak to her, and never spoke it again after she died.
Juicyfruit Gum & Hard Candy in a Dish
Pulling and Rolling Strudel... My brother poked his head through the middle of it once and she was so mad.
German... Strong, and Extraordinary.
2)What's your all-time favorite color to paint your nails? and your toes?
Blue, all shades.... and it glitter a color?
3)Do you get along with your parents well?
I was always a Daddy's Girl, my Mom and I were also very close. They gave us everything we wished for growing up even though we were quite poor. They went without so we could be spoiled. They had a great love affair, my Dad spoiled my Mom something awful and I always remember them being very loving toward each other. My Dad died in 2003, after a 46 day fight with Pancreatic Cancer and I miss him alot everyday. When he died, a part of my Mother died with him and she's never been the same since, We are not as close now... but I still see her often and talk to her on the phone almost everyday.
4)Speaking of Rainbows-Rank the colors in the order you prefer...
Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Green, Pink
5)Repeat Question... How was your life in real life and in blogland this week?
It was a busy week, we went to NYC for the day, Spent a day hanging around downtown Philly, planned a cruise for November, Went to the Maroon 5/Train concert, and saw my nephews several times since they were in Ocean City, MD the week before so we had to catch up. In Blogland, I complained, bitched and moaned. I summarized, I theorized, I wrapped up... and I got alot of support and love from my best girlfriends.

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  1. At first I thought you went to the same concert as Liz: