Saturday, May 26, 2012

Just answer the question....


- Age: 42

- Annoyance: pessimistic folks, indifference, & hate.
- Animal: I love animals, but my dog Q-tip is my favorite..
- Actor:


- Beer: No thank you, I like to eat my calories.
- Birthday/Birthplace: 06/23/1969, Upper Darby, PA... right outside Philadelphia.
- Body Part on opposite sex: Eyes
- Been in Love: Yes
- Been bitched at: Yes
- Believe in yourself?: Definitely
- Believe in God: Absolutely
- Before weight: 475 pounds is the highest, I was ever weighed.
- Car: 1995 Honda Accord
- Candy: Zagnut is my favorite, but I love anything chocolate too.
- Color: blue
- Cried in school: yes, a few times
- Chocolate/Vanilla: Chocolate      
- Chinese/Mexican: Chinese                                                                                                                      - Cake or pie: Let me eat CAKE!
- Country to visit: Egypt, Germany, France, Japan, and China


- Day or Night: I am a NightOwl.
- Do the splits?: Hell No


- Eggs: Eggbeaters... scrambled.
- Eyes: Brown Bedroom Eyes


- First crush: Shaun Cassidy, I was planning on marrying him in 4th grade.
- First thoughts waking up: Where has the day gone?
- Food: Love/Hate relationship


- Greatest Fear: Losing my husband
- Goals: Balance
- Get along with your parents? I miss my Dad terribly, He was a huge part of my world. My Mom and I get along ok but have some issues that never seem to get resolved. My Mother-in-Law is like a 2nd mother to me. And my Stepfather-in-law is the antichrist but without the charm or intelligent.
- Good luck charm:Not really
- Hair Color: Red
- Height: 5'9"
- Happy: Definitely
- Holiday: Christmas
- Health freak? Not even close
- Hate:Indifference
- Ice Cream: Mint Chocolate Chip, & Chocolate Peanut Butter
- Instrument:Had Piano lessons in grade school, and flute lessons in middle school but my singing voice is my best instrument
- Jewelry:  Wedding band, and anniversary band... mainly white metals. I wear a couple necklaces daily as well.
- Job: Trophy Wife, Social Butterfly, and World traveller
- Kids:No thank you... but my Nieces and Nephews are amazing!
- Kickboxing or karate: No thank you... maybe Tai Chi.
- Keep a journal? Blogger mostly. and Scrapbooker.


- Longest Car Ride: Philadelphia to Orlando... alot.
- Love: All you need is Love.
- Laughed so hard you cried:Yes, many times... I have ever laughed so hard I peed.
- Love at first sight: When I first saw my husband, my heart beat for the first time... LOL I knew he was meant for me.
- Milk flavor: Not a huge milk fan.
- Movie: Steel Magnolias, and True Lies... anything Twilight.
- Mooned anyone?: Not yet.
- Marriage: I highly recommend it.
- Motion sickness? No
- McD’s or BK: Chick Fila or Boston Market.


- Number of Siblings: 1 younger sister, and 1 younger brother.
- Number of Piercings: 2 in each ear
- Number: 2


- One wish: To travel and see the world with my George
- Place you’d like to live: Hawaii, I love it there. But my family is here, so that's where I am happiest.
- Perfect Pizza: thin, with the sauce on top.
- Pepsi/Coke: Pepsi, but I prefer Iced Tea


- Questionaires: Sometimes... This is a long one though.
- Reason to cry: Movies, When I am sad, When I am happy... Pretty much anytime.
- Reality T.V.:  The Voice, Gene Simmons Family Jewels, Ice Loves Coco, The Girls next Door, Kendra, Dancing with the Stars, Next Iron Chef... and so on and so on.
Roll your tongue in a circle? I don't think so...


- Song: Love Music....don't really have a favorite one.
- Shoe size: 10
- Salad Dressing: Raspberry Vinaigrette.
- Skipped school: No
- Smoking: Never
- Sing well?: Mostly                                                                                                                        -Strawberries or Blueberries: Strawberries
- Time for bed: Insomniac... like 3am.
- Thunderstorms: romantic
- TV: Love it!
- Unpredictable: Sometimes...
- Vegetable you hate: Asparagus
- Vegetable you love: Broccoli
- Vacation spot: On a Cruise


- Weakness: Sugar
- When you grow up: I will never grow up.
- Which one of your friends acts the most like you: None of them... Unfortunately
- Wanted to be a model?: No Way


-X-Rays: just had a chest xray last week
-Year it is now: 2012
-Yellow: Pretty, color of sunshine


- Zoo:Of course, Philly has the first Zoo... It opened in 1874

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Save the TV Show GCB... I love it! Don't you?

If you love the Show... GCB or if you know someone who loves the show please click the link and sign the petition to save it. They are over 1/2 way to the number of signatures needed to save it. I love Kristin Chenoweth and I hate to see her lose another great show.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bullets about Bypass....

Simple Sunday.... At Rest.

  • I have been more tired than usual lately, I think between my allergies and my back spasms... I am worn out. Yesterday was my youngest nephew Blake's 2nd birthday. I spend alot of time with my nephews, my sister-in-law and my sweet newborn niece. I have struggled more keeping up with my nephews these last 2 weeks as well. 
  • My new sleep study results were bad still. I have severe sleep apnea but my air pressure on my new CPAP machine will be less than half my old machine... So that's progress. After my Revision, I am hoping that my next sleep study will be better again. As for right now, my CPAP machine is worn out and not working very well, so I look forward to getting my new machine. Since this could also be why I am tired and worn out lately.
  • My band has been very fickle and causing me alot of grief lately. I am starting to look forward to having it removed. I have finished alot of the requirements of insurance approval for my revision surgery... but still have some to go. I had my chest xray, my abdominal ultrasound, and my sleep study. I have finished 4 months of the 6 months weight management visits so far. I still have some more tests and the psych. I have been maintaining my weight lately... although in the last 2 months I have gained and lost the same 10 pounds over and over again. 
  • I haven't been able to work out still, since My back has been really bad. My doctor prescribed muscle relaxers and Vicodin... but I always am weird about taking stuff. Being an addict, in my case... Food is my addiction, I know how easy it would be for me to replace one addiction with another. When I was in Vegas, my George had to pull me away from the slot machines whether I was winning or losing.
  • I am thinking of preparing for Gastric Bypass and possible Dumping Syndrome, by not eating anything with over 15 grams of sugar in it. I want to not try to find out if I will have dumping syndrome, since they tell me that the people who really wish for it, don't get it. And Sugar is my main problem... always. I love it! Chocolate, Cookies, Candy, Ice Cream... Yum! Anyway, getting that under control is helpful either way. When they told me that I had to continue to maintain or even gain weight to get the insurance approval for my revision, I started losing weight, not consistently but once in a while. Maintaining was harder than I thought it would be, and not being excited about seeing weight loss for the first time in a year or more... Difficult. It did prove that I wasn't eating enough calories though....

Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Tale of 2 Nieces....

                                          This is my Niece Nicole holding her daughter, my great niece Giana Lisa. She was born on April 30, 2012.She is amazing
Giana Lisa, a few short minutes into her life... and she is sucking her finger.
Here I am... holding my first Great Niece... And she is beautiful. April 30, 2012.
Here are my 2 nephews Chase and Blake meeting their baby sister, Avery Grace... She was born  on May 8th, 2012... and She is a redhead like me... and her big brother Blake. I am so blessed.   Below... Avery looks like she's smiling in her sleep. Adorable!
Here I am holding Avery Grace... She is my baby brother's first little girl. I am so thrilled to be home and able to watch her and her big brothers grow up. I didn't know a year ago, when I moved back home that I would be adding a niece and a Great niece to my blessings... but I am so pleased that life is good to me and to my family.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Food... A Love Hate Relationship

Well, I am still a food addict.... There doesn't seem to be a long term cure, but everyday I try to make good choices and be active. Here are the issues....

  1. I love Sugar... and I have found Zagnut bars twice in the last month, they are not readily available anymore so I bought one both times because I LOVE them and God Forbid I say NO to myself when there is no knowing when I will run into a Zagnut again. For you youngsters, Zagnut is made by Hershey, but it is not chocolate. It is like a butterfinger inside, with toasted coconut on the outside. Does this Questionable choice mean I am not cured from my Sugar addiction? Probably, but remission is something I can work towards, I will be in remission from my food addictions... but how do I get there? Do I really want to never eat sugary foods again?
  2. I have been having back spasms... Lower back pain is something I live with everyday, I have a dangling muffin drop and my boobs are sagging alot with their small weight loss. All that dangling has caused alot of lower back pain, but these sharp back pains bring tears to my eyes and I buckle over moaning in pain. My husband has gotten worried... So I need to get to see the doctor. I cancelled going to the gym twice this week because of the pain, but I have kept up with my walking... I am hoping for some relief soon. 
  3. I am tired of the same old food choices... so I have been mixing it up in the kitchen lately. I made Sweet & Sour Turkey patties, have tried different types of meatloaf, I have stuffed chicken with different things... I can't handle beef or pork these days, so chicken and turkey are it for me. 
  4. Here's more photos of my new Great Niece Giana Lisa.... She is so beautiful! and 5 days old...I love her so much! 
  5. My Sister-in-Law is due to have her baby girl in like 4 days... so the excitement never ends. I can't believe how fast the time has gone by... 
  6. Our Philadelphia Flyers are fighting to keep staying in the Playoffs. They are behind to the Devils 2 games to 1 in the 2nd round... We knew it was gonna be a tough road but they keep on fighting. Tomorrow they play Game 4... Go Flyers! Meanwhile, Our Philadelphia 76ers are doing well in the Playoffs too, they are up 2 games to 1 with the Chicago Bulls.... So Go Sixers! 
  7. Marvel's The Avengers is an amazing movie... I saw it twice before it opened yesterday. Lots of action and tons of Eye Candy for the GeekGirls. This week I am seeing Dark Shadows, What to Expect when you're Expecting, and Dictator.
  8. I haven't been getting as many comments as usual... I was wondering if you guys are having problems leaving comments or just don't have much to say, or you're behind on your blog reading? If you have time to email me to let me know if there's something I can fix... Tell me.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Just another Manic Monday!....

Just another Manic Monday.... 

  • I had my sleep study last night, and my sleep apnea although still present is so much milder... Can I get a Yay! It was Downtown Philly, University City area... In the Sheraton. Very Fancy! 
  • I have been loving my quality time with my nephews most weekends... and loving my time with my hubby during the week, mostly movie screenings and quiet nights at home. Watching TV... Like the NHL Playoffs... Since our Flyers are working their way through the 2nd round as we speak... Go Flyers!

  • Today, April 30th... My Great Niece was born. I already thought of myself as the Greatest Aunt but now my title is official... My Niece had her little Girl today, and named her Giana Lisa. Lisa was my sister's name, she passed away in 2005. And Giana would have been her granddaughter. It was a bittersweet, meeting my baby sister's grandchild... but what a wonderful day!  My Great Niece is healthy and beautiful and so is her mother... She had a C-section since they had to remove a giant cyst, and the ovary and fallopian tube that it was attached to... But she is doing well and healing quickly.