Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Tale of 2 Nieces....

                                          This is my Niece Nicole holding her daughter, my great niece Giana Lisa. She was born on April 30, 2012.She is amazing
Giana Lisa, a few short minutes into her life... and she is sucking her finger.
Here I am... holding my first Great Niece... And she is beautiful. April 30, 2012.
Here are my 2 nephews Chase and Blake meeting their baby sister, Avery Grace... She was born  on May 8th, 2012... and She is a redhead like me... and her big brother Blake. I am so blessed.   Below... Avery looks like she's smiling in her sleep. Adorable!
Here I am holding Avery Grace... She is my baby brother's first little girl. I am so thrilled to be home and able to watch her and her big brothers grow up. I didn't know a year ago, when I moved back home that I would be adding a niece and a Great niece to my blessings... but I am so pleased that life is good to me and to my family.

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  1. what a cute exciting to be so close to family.