Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Just another Manic Monday!....

Just another Manic Monday.... 

  • I had my sleep study last night, and my sleep apnea although still present is so much milder... Can I get a Yay! It was Downtown Philly, University City area... In the Sheraton. Very Fancy! 
  • I have been loving my quality time with my nephews most weekends... and loving my time with my hubby during the week, mostly movie screenings and quiet nights at home. Watching TV... Like the NHL Playoffs... Since our Flyers are working their way through the 2nd round as we speak... Go Flyers!

  • Today, April 30th... My Great Niece was born. I already thought of myself as the Greatest Aunt but now my title is official... My Niece had her little Girl today, and named her Giana Lisa. Lisa was my sister's name, she passed away in 2005. And Giana would have been her granddaughter. It was a bittersweet, meeting my baby sister's grandchild... but what a wonderful day!  My Great Niece is healthy and beautiful and so is her mother... She had a C-section since they had to remove a giant cyst, and the ovary and fallopian tube that it was attached to... But she is doing well and healing quickly.

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