Friday, December 28, 2012

Day 3.... Pre-op Diet and Pre-op Appt....

I went to my surgeon's office today for my pre-op appt, blood work, and clearance... It all went well. I am doing okay on my pre-op diet but I could be doing better. I ate a weight watchers' smart one meal today because I was too hungry to stick to liquids but I stayed in my calorie limits and the liquid part was my decision... They only asked for 1000 calories a day or less. I will probably write again after the weekend... I don't want to bore you all since nothing is really happening... I don't have enough energy for anything to happen... LOL

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Day Two.... Pre-op Diet!

Well, I did okay on day one, but I am already weak. I have my TOM, A Strep Throat, and aches and pains all over my body. But here I am on Day Two. My husband went out to get me more protein shakes and pick up my anti-biotics. So I hopefully will be feeling better soon. My pre-op appt with the Surgeon's office is tomorrow. So I am hoping my Strep throat won't put a monkey wrench in my schedule.... Fingers Crossed. I am staying under 1000 calories as planned. I am loving soup since I am sick and protein shakes and Greek yogurt cool my throat nicely. I will blog again tomorrow after my appt. Wish me Luck!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Day one of my pre-op diet...

So far so good.... I am attempting all liquids, even though my doctor's pre-op diet is 1000 calories a day... I don't think choices are the best thing for me.... I am in serious detox!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Happy Marriage Playbook... As I see it.

Well, about 12 days ago, My husband and I celebrated 21 years together.... We met in a mall, while shopping for Christmas gifts. We've only been married for 17 years now, but the day we met was the start of something amazing... and I want to share what I've learned these last 2 decades. Every couple is different, but men are somewhat similar... and here is a few tips.

  1. Give in.... We like to believe we are always right but sometimes we aren't, we need to play that one in a million time up. Tell him, "You are Right, and I am Wrong". Those 3 little words mean more to them, or at least as much as "I Love You"... They love hearing us say we are wrong... and they love hearing that they are right. Believe me, It is worth it.
  2. Compliment Them... If you think they look handsome, Say it... If you think it say it! Tell them they have beautiful eyes, tell them that they turn you on, tell them that smell good... just tell them. We as Women, always complain that they don't compliment us enough but it goes both ways, once the see how good they feel when you shower them with compliments, they will want you to enjoy the feeling too.
  3. I Love you... Find different ways to say it, say it often, say it again, say it each time you say goodbye, Make sure you say it first thing in the morning and when you say good night each night.... You can't wear it out.
  4. Cheerleader... You are their cheerleader, don't let anyone else take that role from you... Cheer them on in big accomplishments and small ones too. They need the stroking, in more ways than one.
  5. Sex...Everyone has a headache once in a while, but you know what cures it.... Orgasm. You will have great sex, good sex and maybe some not so good sex.... but have it! Often!... Enjoy each other! You don't want to be a stranger to your own husband.
  6. Date night... Couples that still date, are always more content and happy. Because they are nurturing their love. Make time for each other, consider it an investment... in your future.
  7. Support... Be in their corner, Support their dreams, and make them come true together... (Disclaimer: If they want a ridiculous dream like being a movie star, rock star, etc... It will be harder to support and much more expensive, so you might wanna put your cart behind the right horse)
  8. Family... His family could be wonderful, but it is more likely that they are from the Bowels of Hell. Endure them... and let them hang themselves. Don't stoop to their levels... Be strong and kill them with kindness. You will always have the upper hand that way! Remember, You come first in his eyes and you don't need to test it.(Disclaimer: If for some reason you don't come first, He may be the cancer that needs to be cut out... not his family)
  9. Marriage.... Get Married, make it legal... Don't go around saying it's like you're married, you live together like a married couple, or Who needs a silly piece of paper? You deserve to be his wife, not his kinda wife. I know a girl who spent 20 years with a man that she had 2 kids with, owned a house with, shared everything... except a paper. He cheated on her almost the whole time they were together, married 2 of the women he cheated with and kicked her out of her own house twice, ?Yes, that means she took him back after the first time... She had nothing to show for their relationship except 2 growing boys to feed, hap-hazard child support payments, a man who pretends he never loved her and her sons have an evil stepmother. She would have had alot more rights if they had been married. And Marriage is much more romantic... At least I think so.
  10. Life... Live it, don't worry so much... Enjoy each other and if you have children, remember that when the kids leave... Your husband stays. So put him first, always. Even when it is difficult. I don't have kids, so this advice... is more do as I say, and not as I do... LOL

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Back from my cruise....

I'm back in Orlando and I was retaining alot of fluid from not drinking as much water and too much sodium in the cruise food. I am looking forward to going home later this week and getting back to my regular routine before starting my pre-op diet on the 26th, I actually should be starting my pre-op diet on the 25 but I thought it would be a less stressful holiday without me in detox.
         My surgeon's office has a pre-op diet of 1000 calories a day.... But I am going to try liquids only for most of it. I think that will prepare me better for this next huge step. I did a 2 week pre-op liquid diet before I was banded and I think my preliminary huge success was that foundation, it made me appreciate each new step... Full liquids 2 weeks after surgery and then regular food after that. Since I was able to do 6 weeks of liquids then, this should be a cake walk minus the cake.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Things I love since....

Well... I never liked Mashed Potatoes much, but when I had a lapband.... I craved them... And now that it was removed a couple months ago, I could take them or leave them. I started loving cole slaw, which I still love even now. Once my band was removed.... I can't get enough bread or pizza neither or which I really ate or missed while banded... Just Weird? I am almost a month before my gastric bypass... And I am on a binger. It has been ridiculous, like I'm awaiting execution. I miss my band like crazy.