Thursday, December 27, 2012

Day Two.... Pre-op Diet!

Well, I did okay on day one, but I am already weak. I have my TOM, A Strep Throat, and aches and pains all over my body. But here I am on Day Two. My husband went out to get me more protein shakes and pick up my anti-biotics. So I hopefully will be feeling better soon. My pre-op appt with the Surgeon's office is tomorrow. So I am hoping my Strep throat won't put a monkey wrench in my schedule.... Fingers Crossed. I am staying under 1000 calories as planned. I am loving soup since I am sick and protein shakes and Greek yogurt cool my throat nicely. I will blog again tomorrow after my appt. Wish me Luck!


  1. Feel better! you got to kick that strep before your date!

  2. Good luck! Hope you feel better soon...let us know how surgery goes when you finally do have it! Are you going to U of Penn? Dr. Williams? I believe I saw you in a support group there one time ;)

    1. Hey Nikki... Yes, I am with Dr Williams at PENN. I would love to be Bariatric Buddies since you're in the same area as me. I have my facebook link on my blog profile... We could be support for each other, *Maria*

    2. Most Definitely! I am actually in Atlantic City but went there because he was the best in the area! So excited for you!

  3. Good luck, let us know how it goes. :)

  4. I will keep my fingers crossed that you are still aok for the Surgery!!

    I too was sick before my Surgery, though not as severe as you!! I came down with a Cold, which turned into Bronchitis. Once I was done with my Antibiotics, I still had Sinusitis, which I was on even stronger Antibiotics for another 2 weeks! Luckily, I was over it within 2 weeks of Surgery, so....I was a go for Surgery.

    I have been doing really well. I have absolutely no pain from the Surgery, I have had no gas pain, etc either. But then I have always been lucky in that! I go in for my 2 week follow up to Surgery next Wednesday.

    I hope that you start to feel much better soon! Keep us posted on your condition and what the Doctor says.

  5. I'm so sorry that you are so sick!! I hope that you feel better soon, and the Surgery is still a go when you go in for your appointment.

    I too was sick before Surgery, though not nearly as serious as you!! I had a Cold, which turned into Bronchitis. After my Antibiotics was gone, I still felt blah, and found that I had Sinusitis, so I was put on another 2 weeks of a stronger Antibiotic, that finally did the trick!

    I am doing well, and in no pain whatsoever! I never even had gas pains from the Surgery, but then, I have always been lucky in that regard. I hope that you do just as well in your Surgery.

    Keep us posted on how you are doing, and let us know what the Doctor says after your appointment!