Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Junk in my Trunk!

This was emotionally a Dark day... Milky way Dark to be exact! I don't keep candy in the house but while pumping gas today it was calling me from the store... Chocolate! Anyway, I stared at the Ding Dongs for a minute or 2... 180 calories for one, but could i refrain from eating the other... Milky Way Dark it is! One of my favorite candy bars... Luckily, it is not always easy to find since most people prefer milk chocolate but I like my chocolate Dark like my moods... Anyway, I am doing well, otherwise. Going through years of clutter and picturing myself on the next episode of hoarders. My yard sale is this Saturday. Pretty please let people come out and buy my junk... One person's trash... and all. i have seen alot of photos of myself over the years and was surprised at my weight fluctuation. I am happy with my new weight fluctuations these days... they're better overall. in other words... After the yard sale, the only junk to still get rid of will be the junk in my trunk!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Guess who's lost 100 pounds?

I have lost.... Drum Roll Please?.... 100 Pounds. I am so thankful that I got weighed on Thanksgiving Eve. I was having a Milky Way Dark Day... and I hopped on the scale to face the music... If you will. Anyway, I was banded 8 months ago yesterday so it is great timing. I blame the loss on my cutting back to only 1 or 2 desserts per day. Good grief! I am blessed! How thankful am I that I have this band to fall back on when my weakness takes me over... Or those days that the Chocolate wins? Or the days when I have the stress of an air traffic controller and the cravings of a pregger? I am still in the game fighting to get when I am going...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I am thankful for what fills my heart...

This Thanksgiving... I am thankful for my wonderful husband George, who puts up with my mood swings, drama queening, and depressions... He is my rock, my hero, my best friend and my knight in shining armor... i am thankful that we have been able to build a home together and welcome my mother and my niece to live here with us in our shiny lower middle life... and that our real home is in each other's arms...Which comes in handy when you are moving 1000 miles from that home you've built to re-build... another. I am thankful for my incredible memories of my father and sister who have left us too young... I am thankful for my family... My Mom, who although she tends to be a food pimp, supports me in all my endeavors, My Mother-in-Law who has accepted me and loved me like I was her own child, My Brother and Sister-in-law who have blessed us with the 2 most amazing nephews on this Earth, My niece who reminds me of my dorkatude whenever I feel hip and with it, and my BOOBfriends who keep me honest, laughing, on track, texting, facebooking, trying new things, and feeling loved and respected... no matter how many cupcakes it takes to get through the day... In conclusion, This Thanksgiving, and every other day, I am thankful for what fills my heart, instead of what fills my belly... I love you all.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Halloween.... Finally!

Well, This was the first Halloween that i dressed up in a long, long time... When you get bigger and bigger. It is much more difficult to look cute or sexy... in any costume. When we planned this Halloween cruise, I expected it would be more of the same but 93 pounds makes alot of difference, obviously. I really enjoyed this one, I felt confident and sexy. I was the Red-Head from Pirates in the Caribbean... the ride. You know, Me wants the Redhead. Well, I was the Red-head to George's Captain Jack Sparrow. I am the Redhead! Anyway, what will next Halloween bring?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Exciting news...

We are moving back home in the spring time... Philly bound. I am so excited. I have been begging my husband for years since my first nephew Chase was born and he finally gave in... I am about to flip out... I will get to watch my nephews grow up and see my family every week instead of 2 or 3 times a year. Anyway, We are going through all our junk and getting a couple yard sales together and getting rid of the unsellable... We are simplifying our lives and bills... We are going to travel alot and enjoy our families.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

It's like Weird Al says... Eat Me I'm a Danish.


These photos take me to my happy place... i love Dolphins and this was my first time interacting with them... My weight has held me back from doing alot of things but I can't explain the exuberant joy that I was filled with that day... I was over the moon as they say... Anyway, now I am home in a Post-Vacation funk... It happens alot when I get home from a romantic vacation alone with my husband... I am still struggling with the CARB EFFECT.... It's like the Butterfly effect but with no redos. I have been spending too much time at home catching up on my Tvs shows that DVRed while I was away. Home means snacking to me, no real distractions, and eating while unhungry which all lead to carb cravings and old habits sneaking back in. I have decided to do the 5 day pouch diet like Kristen did to get back on track... and back to basics. I knew my vacation would cause me some trouble but I thought that It would be weight gain, i actually lost 1 1/2 pounds while traveling but instead it has started bad cravings and a post-vacation funk. Depression causes me all kinds of screwed up eating. I just ate 2 Eggo waffles and didn't get stuck. I have alot of those 100 calorie snacks and have eaten more than I should in a day. I need to get this monkey off my back... Anyway, I have been eating fine at meals... but snacking in-between like a mad woman. I am not making excuses... but where are my peeps at? Very few of you have been blogging or commenting lately, and I miss my support system. Anyway, I haven't gained any weight or hit a plateau yet, just slowed my weight loss down considerably. So not all is lost... and support group is tomorrow night so a little time with my hometown BOOB Amy(Babbles of a Bandster) and my other banded friend DD may be just what i need to jumpstart my lifestyle back into gear. Wish me Luck!

Friday, November 12, 2010

My Visit with the Bama Beauties...

Here are Kim and Kristen Rivals til the end... Crimson Tide and Tigers. those girls can't even fake being mean.... I should have given them some tricks on Trash Talkin' since I'm from Philly... Those Southern Belles wouldn't know what hit them... LOLThis is what I would look like with long hair... I love me some fake hair. I am going to be one of those cute little old bitties with the crazy wigs. And Kristen feeds my addiction like a Opium Den master... I love that Supermodel.

Shopping with the girls...
Here i am as a honorary Bama Beauty... Check out these hotties!
Here we are with our makeup artists... Bare Escentuals glamour girls.
We are posing next to the big pink makeover truck...
We are trying to copy the fabulous escalator Chinatown Chicago shot... Looks good, but not great.
******I feel overwhelmed... I have so much to blog about and I can't think of where to start... just let me start by repeating... I love my BOOBS... Those of you who are friends of mine on facebook know that my road trip part of my vacation started in Dollywood and it rained all day and our time was basically ruined. Rain puts a damper on everything on vacation but we come from the Happiest Place on Earth and since Walt Disney planned our parks so well, hardly anything gets closed down in the rain. Most things are indoors, so waiting can be done in air-conditioning and out of the elements... Fantastic, really! Dollywood wasn't planned by Disney, unfortunately so everything closes down in the rain. Anyway, after that rain on my parade stop on our road trip we headed through Alabama and stopped to see 2 of my favorite BOOBS, the Bama Beauties... Kim(Good-bye Fatty McButterpants) and Kristen(*Kristen's LapBand Journey). We had an awesome day sight-seeing, then lunching with the ladies... followed by some cardio or in other words shopping at the mall. My wonderful Boobfriend or husband George was our personal photographer for the day and i was so thrilled that he got to meet some of my friends. I already told you that we also brunched with Amy Sunshine and her honorary Boob Girlfriend Heather. He was thrilled to get to meet some of the character in my blogworld melodrama...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Searching for Amy Sunshine...

Well, My trip is going to have to be broken up in several blog posts but I was welcomed home to the Sunshine State by no other than Amy Sunshine... or Amy W. for those of you who are set in their ways. On our way home we got to have a wonderful brunch double date with Amy and her incredibly amazing Heather. I was lucky enough to meet Heather before when Amy was here in Orlando on business and i was totally enchanted by her then and this fantastic brunch didn't change that perception at all. I adore Amy but I am always shocked to realize how tiny she is each time I see her. I look like Gulliver in these photos, like one of these things is not like the others... LOL. Anyway, It was so wonderful to have the end of my vacation been on such a bright note, I tend to be prone to the post-vacation blues usually. I am so happy that another bandster could have the chance to meet my George... he was so taken by the Bama Beauties on the pre-road trip and now a double date with another couple who deals with similar eating issues on the way home... Meaning, George has to watch me eat things from time to time that will get me sick, even though I expect that this time will be different. i was so glad that he got to see that Amy gives Heather the same grief sometimes... What we do to those we love for what we love...namely, Food! I miss you both! You adorable couple You!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Road Trip Rage...

Will I ever get my eating habits in check again? This road trip/cruise has shown me that I still have alot to learn about how to handle the head hunger and boredom... in general. I have actually been really good about the road trip staples such as Slim Jims, Chocolate and Pepsis... but I have eaten like I forgot everything I've taught myself these last 7 months. I want to continue to succeed with my band but I think she may be mad at me because I have been getting stuck more than usual. I know logically that my food choices haven't been good lately but what place does logic have in this addiction? What does logic have to do with anything chocolate? Cover Logic in chocolate and I'll eat that too. I have alot more to say but I am tired and annoyed with myself, slightly. The photo at the top of this post is my 7 month bandiversary photo... taken on my cruise. I've missed you guys!