Friday, November 12, 2010

My Visit with the Bama Beauties...

Here are Kim and Kristen Rivals til the end... Crimson Tide and Tigers. those girls can't even fake being mean.... I should have given them some tricks on Trash Talkin' since I'm from Philly... Those Southern Belles wouldn't know what hit them... LOLThis is what I would look like with long hair... I love me some fake hair. I am going to be one of those cute little old bitties with the crazy wigs. And Kristen feeds my addiction like a Opium Den master... I love that Supermodel.

Shopping with the girls...
Here i am as a honorary Bama Beauty... Check out these hotties!
Here we are with our makeup artists... Bare Escentuals glamour girls.
We are posing next to the big pink makeover truck...
We are trying to copy the fabulous escalator Chinatown Chicago shot... Looks good, but not great.
******I feel overwhelmed... I have so much to blog about and I can't think of where to start... just let me start by repeating... I love my BOOBS... Those of you who are friends of mine on facebook know that my road trip part of my vacation started in Dollywood and it rained all day and our time was basically ruined. Rain puts a damper on everything on vacation but we come from the Happiest Place on Earth and since Walt Disney planned our parks so well, hardly anything gets closed down in the rain. Most things are indoors, so waiting can be done in air-conditioning and out of the elements... Fantastic, really! Dollywood wasn't planned by Disney, unfortunately so everything closes down in the rain. Anyway, after that rain on my parade stop on our road trip we headed through Alabama and stopped to see 2 of my favorite BOOBS, the Bama Beauties... Kim(Good-bye Fatty McButterpants) and Kristen(*Kristen's LapBand Journey). We had an awesome day sight-seeing, then lunching with the ladies... followed by some cardio or in other words shopping at the mall. My wonderful Boobfriend or husband George was our personal photographer for the day and i was so thrilled that he got to meet some of my friends. I already told you that we also brunched with Amy Sunshine and her honorary Boob Girlfriend Heather. He was thrilled to get to meet some of the character in my blogworld melodrama...


  1. I had SO much flipping fun while you and George were here!! Y'all are awesome :) I can't wait to see you when I am down in the FL soon!!

  2. Jealous of all your BOOB meet up's :)

  3. Thanks for popping by my blog! You've been doing great things around here. And hey - you had me at "sarcasm is my second language". Looking forward to following your journey!

  4. maria you are looking fantastic!

  5. Maria!! Yay!! I love all our pictures together! So glad yall made the time to stop by Birmingham and hang out with Kim and I! Cant wait to see you again! Love you girlfriend!

  6. Maria, you are looking fabulous!!! Way to go!

  7. Looks like you had tons of fun with the Bama Beauties! Sorry about the rain, that sucks. But you sure do get to travel alot... ;)

    I did tell Amey "hi" from her roomie!!!

  8. Trash talk just doesn't work with a southern accent. Thanks for sharing the pics. Looked like you all were on a mission at the mall.