Sunday, March 31, 2013


Well, the day has finally come for my revision surgery, I will be a Sleeved Sister by the afternoon. I appreciate any extra prayers you have laying around because the Surgery will be open not laparoscopic so I will have an epidural on top of all the regular Anesthesia... Yikes! I am excited to get to the other side but a little nervous about the journey to get there!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

4 days until my new life begins...

Well, I am done my pre-op appt and blood work again... and I am starting to get excited about this being it... The Date. I have been doing well on my pre-op diet but it seems like I have only lost 5 pounds so far. Which is at least a step in the right direction... I don't know the time of my surgery yet but I am hoping it is fairly early in the day, since I know I won't be able to sleep the night before. Tomorrow is my Nephew Chase's 5th birthday, and I can't wait to celebrate it with him but I love cake so I will consider it a huge accomplishment if I refuse it but I am going to stick to protein shakes only just in case. His grandparents who are hosting eat very healthy so I know there will be great choices for me there. As for Sunday, Easter Sunday to be exact... I will have to be very serious and pack my own food... You see, Easter is held with my family and my family loves to feast... The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I am planning on eating a similar lean cuisine option and eating when they do... and staying clear of the dessert table. I don't care for Ham... So that's good!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pre-op.... Again!

Here I am on Day 2 of my pre-op diet... 

  1. I am fearful that my surgery will once again be cancelled and rescheduled.
  2. I am still annoyed since I was supposed to be recovering in the hospital today...
  3. I am struggling to get my head in the game. 
  4. I am looking forward to getting into the recovery and rebuilding part of this journey...
  5. I really want to be prepared for my new life.... so if any sleevers have any tips... I would love to hear them.
  6. I plan on using the same routines... with some cuts here and there. Menu-wise.
  7. I tried the new Dannon Light & Fit Greek yogurts, they're not bad... I still like Dannon Oikos best but the Light and fit will help lower my calories here and there, since they're only 80 calories each. I love Greek Yogurt, I hope that doesn't change.
  8. I love fish, and if that doesn't change I will add in some more fish to my diet too.
  9. I am giving up red meat... except for rare occasions.
  10. I bought a food scale and plan on using it...this time.
  11. I plan on doing body measurements... I wish I had done them last time. but hindsight...
  12. I have placed rewards for my weight loss, which I haven't done before.]
  13. I will fix what I did wrong and hope to be more successful long term.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bad Day?

Well, My car is in the shop and we don't have the extra $1000 laying around to fix it. I started feeling sick last night, I started taking Amoxicillin immediately... Since I am prone to Strep Throat and since my surgery is scheduled for next monday... Well, WAS scheduled for next Monday... They changed it again this morning, I am now switched to April 1st... I am tired of the waiting game, but I will get through it. So This April 1st, This Fool will have a brand new Tool!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

One week from Tomorrow....

                              This week has been difficult but it is done... So one more, and my surgery is here. Next Monday is the first day of my new life. I will be glad when I am done with the surgery and I am recuperating since it will be in my hands again just like now. My life is in my hands now and it will be again, after it is in Doctor Williams hands one more time. So, I will begin again... taking one day at a time, learning to defeat this horrible disease of Obesity and the awful addiction of Food/Sugar.

                                 Sometimes, I feel like I don't want it enough... but I can't let those thought defeat me. I have to be stronger than the things that stalk me. I have to beat this before it beats me. 1000 calories a day doesn't leave room for alot of mistakes or binges... That's for sure. It will be easier for me with a 4 ounce stomach... if I can get through this pre-op, I will get to concentrate on getting well, and building my strength... and I will not be interested enough in eating at all to make mistakes in food choices.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pre-Op Diet... Day 2 Done

I did fine yesterday until last night... Luckily, I was smart enough to save calories... Since I have Night Eating Syndrome. I tried a new greek yogurt, Dannon Light & Fit Raspberry, they are only 80 calories so I thought they would help me keep to the less than 1000 calories a day... I thought this pre-op diet would be easier than the all liquid one I had to do before I had my lapband installed, but having more choices and options, is not a food addict's friend.  By the way, I had my lapband installed on March 23rd, 2010 and my sleeve will be installed on March 18th, 2013... Just in time for what would have been my 3rd bandiversary. Coincidence? I think not. Anyway, I think the pre-op diet will get easier, once the sugar cravings are gone. Wish me luck! I think I should mention that luck was just spell corrected to lunch.... So wish me lunch! XOXO *M*

BTW... I have had my TOM since the beginning of this pre-op diet.... so I am thrilled that I haven't ended up in a vat of chocolate yet.... Fingers crossed!