Sunday, March 10, 2013

One week from Tomorrow....

                              This week has been difficult but it is done... So one more, and my surgery is here. Next Monday is the first day of my new life. I will be glad when I am done with the surgery and I am recuperating since it will be in my hands again just like now. My life is in my hands now and it will be again, after it is in Doctor Williams hands one more time. So, I will begin again... taking one day at a time, learning to defeat this horrible disease of Obesity and the awful addiction of Food/Sugar.

                                 Sometimes, I feel like I don't want it enough... but I can't let those thought defeat me. I have to be stronger than the things that stalk me. I have to beat this before it beats me. 1000 calories a day doesn't leave room for alot of mistakes or binges... That's for sure. It will be easier for me with a 4 ounce stomach... if I can get through this pre-op, I will get to concentrate on getting well, and building my strength... and I will not be interested enough in eating at all to make mistakes in food choices.


  1. That has come around fast. It's going to go all smoothly and you will be back on track and fighting fit again soon.
    After only 5 months with the sleeve, I still battle with the portion control. Yes, the small stomach helps, but you can still make bad choices and the head battle begins...this is what we need to work on the most....I really don't know if we can ever overcome it.
    Good luck with this's exciting that it's happening so soon. xxxx

  2. You will do great, I am so excited for you!!

  3. I know that you're going to rock this! I am so excited for you and so proud to call you my friend! xoxo

  4. Good luck Chick. I am sure it will all go well for you.