Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pre-op.... Again!

Here I am on Day 2 of my pre-op diet... 

  1. I am fearful that my surgery will once again be cancelled and rescheduled.
  2. I am still annoyed since I was supposed to be recovering in the hospital today...
  3. I am struggling to get my head in the game. 
  4. I am looking forward to getting into the recovery and rebuilding part of this journey...
  5. I really want to be prepared for my new life.... so if any sleevers have any tips... I would love to hear them.
  6. I plan on using the same routines... with some cuts here and there. Menu-wise.
  7. I tried the new Dannon Light & Fit Greek yogurts, they're not bad... I still like Dannon Oikos best but the Light and fit will help lower my calories here and there, since they're only 80 calories each. I love Greek Yogurt, I hope that doesn't change.
  8. I love fish, and if that doesn't change I will add in some more fish to my diet too.
  9. I am giving up red meat... except for rare occasions.
  10. I bought a food scale and plan on using it...this time.
  11. I plan on doing body measurements... I wish I had done them last time. but hindsight...
  12. I have placed rewards for my weight loss, which I haven't done before.]
  13. I will fix what I did wrong and hope to be more successful long term.


  1. I am so sorry you have had all this drama with your surgery. I would be pissed! I hope this is the last pre-op diet you ever go on. As for tips... I am nine weeks out today from my sleeve and really love it. It is so much easier than the band ever was. Life is so much less a diet. Be patient... it takes time to learn and you will not be able to get much in at first. You will do great!

  2. so excited for you!!! very close

  3. I am wishing you all the best.. I know that good things are right around the corner. Keep this in mind, no matter what tool you select, diary, band, sleeve, whatever, it still takes focus and there will be ups and downs.. just do not let the downs keep you there. You have sooooo much success in front of you.. embrace the journey.. you are going to do fine!!

  4. day three now, and I'm surviving. You can do it! I like your list, maybe I'll make one too :)


  5. great list! I so love my greek yogurt :D I do plain with half a scoop of flavored protein powder and handful of blueberries...:D

  6. I'm thinking good things for you!!