Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fill 'er up! And see the Sights!

I NEED A FILL.... BIG TIME! I am hungry almost all day. I wake up and I am not really hungry but I definitely could eat(That means I am sorta hungry, which feels strange since even before I was banded, I wasn't a breakfast person... and never have I felt like eating when I wake up since my band was installed, I am a protein shake, greek yogurt kind of gal) Well, I got my insurance switched over last month... but I have been playing phone tag with my new bariatric doctor(Hopefully) and I am starting to think that it's not worth all the effort.(Dr. Noel Williams is a big cheese in Bariatrics and I did alot of research and decided that since the Penn Bariatric Center is huge and has amazing reviews, including that I've been going to their support groups and you don't have to wait to get a fill with the surgeon, the PA does it. I really hope I get a call back tomorrow. I need to get in there and have them accept me, since I had my surgery elsewhere.
It is 2:51am and I am struggling to sleep because I am hungry again... especially because of how close I have been watching what I eat lately... to keep my calories down still since I am eating more than usual. My calories have been landing closer to 1500 instead of my normal 1200. I don't want to start gaining weight but I hate the hunger feeling...It sucks. Once you feel what it is without it for so long. Hunger... Why must you haunt me? I thought I felt it coming back, but I blamed it on my TOM... but I was right. I really need a fill. I have no energy from cutting the carbs. I have been thinking of doing some diet like Dukan or Atkins or whatever to get myself back together but I think that the fill is most important. If I don't use my tool right, the deprivation will cause serious cravings.
My friend from Orlando, who I worked with at DisneyWorld is visiting the area this week. I look forward to seeing him and dragging him all over Downtown Philly and NYC. I am going to show off my Roots. Let him ring my Liberty Bell(They actually don't let you touch it, although I have sneaked a couple times), Watch him run up the Art Museum steps like Rocky, take him to Chinatown, South Street, Boathouse Row, the Reading Terminal Market, and I hope he'll want to see some of where our Nation got it's start.(Why aren't people more interested in our History?) He's never been to NYC, and I haven't done any of the touristy things there in over a decade so we'll see what trouble we can get into there too.


  1. Its always so much fun to get to play tourist on your own stomping grounds when someone visits. :)

    Hope you can get in for a fill soon!

  2. I am getting a fill tomorrow! I know I need it. Good luck getting an appointment.

  3. I am with you!! I am hungry all the time these days!!
    Have a great visit with your friend!

  4. a fill will make all the differance! Good luck with the new doctor.

    The run around philly sounds like fun, I did all that stuff with my aunt when I lived out that way in highschool. It was a ton of fun!

  5. It sounds like you're going to have a great visit with your friend! I'm definitely interested in our country's history so that sounds like a blast to me! :)

    Hope you can get in for a fill soon, I know how badly it sucks to be hungry 24/7. :(

  6. Good luck with getting in to see the new surgeon Maria...I am sure a fill is what you need.

    In answer to your question on my issue with sugar, it is definately not the norm with VSG. However, having to cut back on sugar such as in ice cream is not a bad thing for me. Gastric Bypass is the biggie when it comes to foregoing sugar and white carbs.....again, this is not a bad thing for most of us but I, like you, enjoy an occasional treat and I have to just watch my portions. my husband pointed out that the Small size I ordered and ate 1/2 of was actually a very large size small so I think I just over-did it with portion size.

    My doctor explained to me again that my intestines were not bypassed and technically I cannot experience dumping syndrome although my body definitely reacts as if, when I over-indulge. He also told me that he no longer is doing bands on patients with BMI's over 50. He will only do VSG. This is something you may very well want to speak to your surgeon about if you continue to be unhappy with your weight loss. You have come too far, and have lost too much weight, to stop!

    Good luck to you at the new place!

  7. I wish I could come to Philly and get tour from you! Someday soon roomie- I will!

  8. Have fun doing the sightseeing tours. Fun and a great way to get exercise! I can tell you that I looked into the Dukan diet and there is NO WAY IN HELL I could have done it. Extrememly limiting. After reading the plan the only thing that i incorperated into my diet from the plan was adding oat bran to increase my fiber intake (keeping me fuller). the rest of the plan was too limiting... Good luck to you, sweetie!