Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pity Party... Table for ONE.

I am hanging tough... on this plateau still. but...
  • I haven't been exercising at all.
  • I have been eating things I don't usually.
  • I have been pretty depressed lately.
  • I haven't been feeling great(See above where I told you I haven't been eating very well)
  • I have been getting in my protein and fiber daily.
  • I have been getting my water in daily.
  • I have been getting most of the vitamins in daily.
  • I have been healthy food binging... again.

I am wondering why my metabolism has to be this bad. I have to bust my ass to lose 1 pound, and I hate it. I wish I had been smart and had the Gastric bypass. If I had, and I was eating mostly healthy like I am... I would have lost about 200 pounds by now. I wasn't afraid of the major surgery... I was more afraid of not eating right and gaining the weight back since you don't have to work as hard to lose it because of the malabsorption. It may be the LAZINESS talking... since the depression makes me not feel like doing anything at all. I need to cut all the crap and start DIETING. I wanted to do it by eating healthy and exercising but the truth is... It's taking too long. I need to lower my calories to 1000 and get to the gym. If I cut the carbs to less than 50g a day... That definitely would help. I feel like having a pity party... but party's without carbs suck!


  1. Sorry you are having such a hard time- plateaus suck! Have you thought about getting a fill? It helped me stick to what I should be eating, and definitely helped with the hunger.

    Hang in there! We are here for you!!


  2. I agree! I hate parties without carbs- no fun at all. :( Sorry to hear you're having a hard time babe- keep your head up...things WILL get better. Keep hanging tough girl YOU CAN DO IT! And you will. :)

    xo- D

  3. Hang in there,It's hard to think about your food intake when you are down, We're there for you:)

  4. Hang in there sweetie. Maybe a small fill is in order.

  5. You can do it Maria! I think you are on the right track with "dieting". Maybe you should look up the diet for post WLS for GB and follow that to the letter? You have the band in place so that with the GB diet guidelines should get you going pretty darn quick!

    Good luck to you, I know you have it in you to keep moving down the scale.

  6. I'm with you. It is hard to motivate and move when you feel depressed. I have to really drag my butt out to do anything. I'd be happy to stay home and sleep all day if only I could. Hope you are feeling better.

  7. I hear you! I feel the same way. You really have to work this band and unfortunately, watch what you eat. I'm struggling too since I had fluid removed a few weeks ago because I was just tired of feeling like I couldn't eat anything. I'm probably where I need to be band fluid wise but I really have to watch what I eat and exercise. Hang in there!!! Exercise is the key. I'm going to take my own advice and get thy butt to the gym this morning!

  8. Sending you a hug and a kick in the bee-hind! :) You know what you have to do, so let's get it done, my friend! :)

  9. You can do it!!! You have done tremendously already!!!

    New follower :)