Monday, October 29, 2012

Preparing for Sandy's Wrath....

Well, I escaped Florida with it's Tropical Storms and Hurricanes Galore? And now the 2nd Largest Atlantic Hurricane is headed our way.... Really? God must really have a sense of humor....

  • Lucky... That I have about a million things overflowing from my neglected DVR, I came back from Disney to 99% filled up. Let's just hope that the power stays on.
  • Unlucky... That I am about to start my pre-op diet in a few days and I wanted to eat out one last time, and I have had problems finding my protein shakes.
  • Lucky... I am crazy about my husband and don't mind spending day and night with him for days.
  • Unlucky... That Dogs don't use a litterbox, and mine doesn't care for the wetness.
  • Lucky...That I still have a lot of fat to live off of if we run out of food or lose power and the fridge takes a hit.
  • Unlucky....That the house I live in is over 100 years old, so it loses power every time someone sneezes.
  • Lucky.... I have 2 books to read from the library.
  • Unlucky... My eyes are not good enough to read by candlelight.
  • Lucky... We of the Eastcoast have all your best wishes and prayers... to get us through this.
  • Unlucky... We may lose power and not see all your wishes and prayers.
  • Lucky... That this whiney, long-winded blog post is ending.


  1. lol---I have a hard time seeing in daylight... Hope you fair well during the storm my friend!

  2. well stay safe and get pee pads for the dog if you have time :/

  3. Stay safe and I couldn't think of a better way than snuggled up to your man for a few days (well not actually me, I mean know what I mean).LOL! Hope all goes well with the pre-op...its tough but you know you can do it and we know that the next phase is going to be a better one.....hugs xx

  4. Wow!! I am totally thinking good thought for all of you on the East Coast! Two of my best friends lives on the East Coast, so I am totally sending good thoughts your way!

    And I have my Surgery date....December 18th!! So we will have to help each other out!!