Monday, November 5, 2012

A Week From Tomorrow!

                           Well, The countdown is on... My Gastric Bypass surgery is one week from tomorrow. I am on a pre-op diet that is much least restrictive than my previous one from my LapBand Installation. This one is 1000 calories a day, Which seemed like it could be easier than my all liquid OptiFast pre-op diet that I did before my LapBand was put in 2010. I am thinking of switching it to all liquid for this next week to detox myself... Less options are better for a food addict like myself. 

                              I was getting a bit of the Last Supper syndrome after having my Lap-band removed... Excited about being able to eat bread and pasta and even Chinese food. All of which, I didn't think I missed but it seems I did. I have gotten control of the Night Eating Syndrome with the Lexapro, but I seem to be hungry all day long and I am getting into old habits like not eating all day and then overeating at dinner and snacking afterwards too. I know this new life will make a lot of these issues go away but it's depressing to admit that my issues with food are no better than they were 3 years ago when I started this journey. 

                               I am nervous about tomorrow's election, I was hoping to have my surgery today, but since it wasn't available I have to wait til next Tuesday... Too Bad, because having my surgery today would have distracted me from worrying about the outcome of tomorrow's election(I voted already several weeks ago by Absentee Ballad in Florida since we are still registered and it's still our permanent residence til we are completely settled in here in PA) and I am a huge TwiHard.... and I am missing the Advanced Screening of Breaking Dawn Part 2 next Wednesday which was a hard choice .... LOL My Physical Health or My Mental Health... LOL

                                    This is going to be a huge change for me, my new stomach pouch will be 2 ounces.... which means that those little condiment cups that they give you in restaurants will be my new serving size....Weird, right? Also, They tell me that I will only be able to drink 3-6 ounces of water an hour, which will make it difficult to get all my water in... for a while.


  1. wow that has come around really fast! Good luck with the pre-op diet and I know all will go well next week. Thinking of you. xx

  2. so excited for you! I voted too already by mail..

  3. I'm excited for you Maria! Look forward not back!!!

  4. I wish you well in your Surgery Maria!! I will be thinking of you on Tuesday.

    I too have been going through the Last Supper Syndrome since my Lap Band was removed. Unfortunately, it was removed in May, and it was drained last year, so I have been eating myself sick, which is why I have gained all of my weight back!

    This is why I am doing the Bypass, my Surgeon tried to tell me that because of the type of eater that I am, the Lap Band wouldn't work for me, but I let my PCP scare me out of it! But I know that without some help, I will eat myself to 400 lbs or more easily. I too don't eat all day, then eat dinner and snack at night....which will have to end!

    I start my 4 wk (or almost 4 wk) pre op diet right after Thanksgiving. I am required to lose 10 lbs (but because I have gained 5 lbs since they weighted me, I will have to lose 15).

    I chose the Surgery in December because I wanted to have one last good meal (Thanksgiving) with my family and parents (who are both close to passing, we don't expect them to live out the year), before I have my Surgery.

  5. I will be thinking of you all day on Tuesday Maria!

    I too have been eating like it was my Last Supper! Which is why I have gained back all of my weight. My Lap Band was removed in May, and it was drained last year, so I have been eating wayyy too much!

    I too am a TwiHard, and I would have loved to go to the screening that shows all of the movies in Consecutive order all the way to the newest one! But I don't have any friends where we are living, and family is in California, so...I will just go watch the movie by myself, after Thanksgiving when the "kids" are back in school!!

    I chose December for my Surgery, as I wanted to have one last good Holiday meal with my family and especially my parents, as we don't expect them to last much longer, possibly not even the year! So I start my 4 wk pre op diet (well, almost 4wk) right after Thanksgiving.

    I need to lose 13 lbs prior to Surgery....which is doable!!

  6. I have been thinking of you every day! I've been exhausted from work, and I come home and collapse into a worthless lump of lazy! I'll work on being better at contacting you- miss you and love you bunches! xoxo