Friday, November 9, 2012

Delayed and Dismayed....

Well, My Surgeon's office called this morning to delay my surgery. It seems a more serious case of a patient who has cancer is the same day that I was scheduled who they believe will need more time leaving not enough for me. I was annoyed at first, I mean... I wanted November 5th or 6th, but those weren't available. They scheduled me for the 12th, but then called Me to reschedule me for the 13th since the Doctor is out of town on the 12th. I was already concerned about how close the surgery was to our next work trip to Orlando which is the beginning of December. So today she said, since thanksgiving is the following week, how about the 27th? Well, My George has already put his schedule in with Disney and our cruise is paid off for December 10-15, so.... I decided to push it off til the new year.... and it is now scheduled for January 7th. It means I will be able to enjoy the holidays and get more prepared but I was almost 2 weeks into my pre-op diet when she called... I wanted to throw a tantrum!


  1. Oh Maria! My heart dropped when I read your post and realized that you were going to have to reschedule your Surgery!!

    And having to restart your pre op diet sucks big time!

    And this means that I will have my Surgery before you!! Ahh...I was hoping to be able to follow your story and how you were dealing with the new lifestyle.

    Now it seems that you may be watching me! But I know that you will easily surpass me. You did so well with the Band, and I didn't.

  2. Sad to hear and it sucks to have to reschedule the cruise. I am assuming you have to redo the pre-op---yikes. Hugs girl!!!!!

  3. How frustrating :(
    But, as you say, at least you'll be able to enjoy the holidays now - so there is a bright side to the rescheduling.
    We'll be in Orlando from the 18-29th November, a little earlier than your next visit I guess?

  4. i know how frustrating that must be. especially when you were mentally prepared and physically too!! BUT everything happens for a reason. and maybe this is good because you really can enjoy the holidays. and then you can start the new year with your new surgery. its poetic. so eff that liquid diet and ENJOY the holidays!!