Saturday, December 17, 2011

The road to recovery has alot of scenic routes and forks...

When they say.... You must be taking the Scenic Route, I usually am. I am a Traveler not a Tourist. I enjoy the journey as much as the destination. Well, I'm getting tired of the Scenic Route to LessVille. LessVille is where I have been heading for over 18 months... Less Weight, Less Health issues, Less Back and Knee Pain, Less restrictions.... The problem is that the fastest way to get there is LESS too... Less Carbs and Less Sugar, and Less Loafing in front of the TV. The trip takes me through MoreTown, More exercise, more calorie counting, more dieting... if i take the route through MoreTown... it also means MORE SUCCESS. Here are the issues...

  • I need to give up the drugs... SUGAR is my drug of choice. I need to go cold turkey since Moderation is like the impossible dream. I can't keep being a dreamer, Reality is not just for TV.
  • I have to deal with the pain and work out harder and more.... No Pain, Means U Gain. And I want to Lose, not gain.
  • So far, I have been maintaining and even losing a little... so I don't get the fire under me that I need, but I need to work harder. Much Harder!
  • These Depression filled months have been killing my Food Choices, and I have to shake it off. But my husband being out of work and my first Christmas back home being financially unsparkly... is difficult. I know I will be surrounded with my family and that's all that should matter, the few gifts i got here and there will have to do.
  • I am reading Kendra Wilkinson's(Playboy Playmate who was one of the Girls Next Door) second book and surprisingly the skinny sexy bitch got me back in the Here and Now. She gained 57 pounds in her pregnancy and struggled to get it off. She said that it made her more aware of the people who struggle with their weight and how tough it is for them. If she who has tons of money, personal trainers, a Professional Athlete husband, could hire a chef, and makes her money based on her desirability and her looks struggled to lose the weight... What hope is there for the rest of us? Well, She has a tyroid problem... but have a Procrastination problem, Get it Together Maria! You will never be in Playboy but you can get from Chub to Chunk to just plain Thick.
  • 2012 is gonna kick 2011's ASS.... Big time!
  • I haven't been blogging enough... at all.
  • I am going to try harder, and be better... overall.
  • XOXO.... I love you guys! Thanx for your incredible support.


  1. Great post Maria! You absolutely can do this in 2012. Are you working? If not, maybe a little job for you will help out with your financial issues and more importantly, get you out of the house a little more. I think it will give your self esteem a big boost and help you get out of this funk you are in. Change is good! Also, I know that when I am at work, I am able to stay more focused on what I am eating. I don't have the grazing issues I do when I am home.

    Good luck girl and have a Merry Christmas with your family!

  2. I'm with you on this! I have no idea what happened in 2011, but 2012 is gonna leave it for dead!!!!!!

  3. I have been struggling all fact I am a few kilos heavier than I was Christmas Eve last year (which was my lowest weight weigh in)...2012 is my year to finish this part of the journey, refocus and to help you too...btw you are looking fabulous xx

  4. I love you my BBFF! xoxox You're the best :)

  5. Maria. I know for a fact if anyone can do this it is you! Hugs. barbara

  6. Have an awesome Christmas and fantastic new year :)