Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas comes in like a Bullet!

Christmas thoughts... Bullet-Style!

  • I am not afraid of making bad food choices on Christmas Eve and Day... mainly because I haven't been making the best choices on the rest of the days. But my choices have been better this week than last... so we'll call that progress.
  • I love all the Christmas Shows and music... It doesn't annoy me like many other Scrooge type folks. I love to sing and Christmas welcomes it more. People don't stare at you as much when you sing along to Christmas Carols as they do when you ask them to look at you body because you work out... like LMFAO.... LOL
  • I love seeing people wear their faith on their sleeves this time of year... You believe in God and you are proud of it... Yay! It is wonderful to see people full of the light of the Lord at a time when you are much more likely to find 3 Hos, then 3 wise men. I don't believe in using the term X-Mas even though Jesus wasn't born this time of year since this is when Christians celebrate his birth.
  • I love hats as you know and i have many Christmas Hats for that reason...My favorite is one of my favorite colors... Sequins.
  • I can't wait to spend my first Christmas in over a decade with my family... I love them all so much.
  • Next year, There will be 2 more little girls in this family, My Niece Niki is having a Girl and so is my Sister-in-Law Tobi. My nephews are having a baby sister... Yay! I am going to be a Great-Aunt when my sister's daughter gives birth in May... Making me a Surrogate Grandma... Since my sister passed away several years ago and we helped raise her teenage daughter since then. Niki is 22 now... but she is in an abusive/unhealthy relationship so please pray for her...
  • Money is really tight this year so this will be the first year in over 20 years that we don't send out Christmas cards.... It's hard to swallow but at least we are surrounded with love.
  • Tomorrow... Christmas Eve, We spend at my Aunt's house with all my family and Sunday... Christmas Day, we spend the afternoon at my Uncle's house and the evening at my other Aunt's house. It is going be action packed. My father's sister keeps alot of the German traditions(I am like 65% German decent).
  • Have a Wonderful Christmas Weekend to you all! XOXO


  1. Happy late Christmas, Maria! Hope it was fantastic.

    Congratulations on the upcoming new additions to your family!