Friday, December 9, 2011

Worldwind Week....

Well.... Bullets, anyone?

  • We have been traveling alot these last 2 months... Even Too Much, I think.
  • I enjoyed Disneyland, alot.... but it is always busy, too busy and it's been really cold.
  • We are now staying in Pasadena, which is a first for us and it is a cute little area which fairly good access to the Studios we've been hitting these last few days.
  • We watched Rules of Engagement, & Mike & Molly be filmed and met the casts... it was nice and we enjoyed it. Tomorrow we are seeing Hot in Cleveland before catching the Red eye back to Philly.
  • I rode alot of Roller Coasters and Thrill rides both at Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood...
  • SoCal Folk must love Churros....
  • Young Asian Girls seem to warm up their Daisy Duke shorts with black tights and winter boots... Interesting look?
  • Traffic sucks in LA!
  • We saw the Flyers beat the Ducks last Friday, that's Hockey for you Sports Challenged Girls... It was a great game!
  • We went to a Dinner Show called Battle of the Dance which was Hella Fun! Food was banquet style but edible and the dancers were great.
  • I miss my Nephews so much I could Die.... Drama Queen, much?
  • I look forward to Christmas so much.... It's great to be home.


  1. I guess this means you didn't have time to drive down here???

    Now you know why we tell you how long it takes to get somewhere NOT the miles.

    It's been really cold for us!


  2. Will you finally stay put so we can get together! Glad you're having fun!

  3. Glad you've been having such a good time. :) I love a good positive blog. Um, I wanna ride some rollar coasters too. I haven't since losing weight, and I'd love to see how it is now.

    And I'd never have known that those were hockey teams...

    It's so sweet that you are attached to your nephews :)