Saturday, May 22, 2010

Incredible new tool to play with...

Well, this week I found an incredible new tool on my Iphone... It's the myfitnesspal app... It is a free app that counts my calories, protein, carbs, water intake, and exercise... and it knows everything about "everything"... I absolutely love it. I was afraid I was eating too much each day but it turns out I am eating less calories than I thought and my everyday chores like walking are burning more calories than I thought. It lets me check out how many calories in fast food items at all the major fast food joints and make great choices on the go too... I was thrilled to find out that Chick fila chicken nuggets are only 270 for 8 nuggets and 28 grams of protein. I can still eat them and stay on track with a side salad and a Dasani... It makes a great lunch. Anyway, I know most of you probably already are in the know about this app but please let me gust for a moment. It does make my life alot easier. I was even able to have a piece of brownie earlier... It told me the brand and type and I had been staring at them for hours at my scrapbook midnight crop tonight. I love brownies... and I'm well under my calories for the day. I am glad I ate that brownie.... I love my life, It was yummy! And the old me would have gone back for more and more and more. but not the new me. Thanx for all the support... I feel great!


  1. Good for you! I use tap and track on my ipod touch but it doesn't sound as good as your app. The iphone is fantastic, my daughter has one. I have a blackberry and I haven't figured it out yet ;-)
    Jealous of the midnight crop. I haven't done any scrapping for two weeks!

  2. Nice find...just found you...happy things are going well for you. I was banded 4/26/10.

  3. Hey hello! Just new here and I want to say I love your byline title thingie "this one time at band camp"!! I say that all the time, LOVE IT!