Monday, May 31, 2010

A Perfect Weekend...

Well, We had a great time in Miami... An amazing time, actually. The Philadelphia Phillies'(Our Baseball team) Pitcher, Roy Halladay, had a perfect game friday night, and we were there to see it. It is incredible! Since It is only the 20th time in Major League baseball history that it happened, the last time it happened twice in one season was 1880, and this was the first time it happened twice in one month. George and I are big Phillies' fans, actually all the Philadelphia sports teams so since moving 1000 miles away from our hometown 10 years ago, meant we try to see them play on the road whenever we can. This weekend we saw them play twice and went to the Hall & Oates concert. Besides the thrill of seeing that perfect game, I didn't get any snacks at the ballgame, either one... They are expensive and not very healthy so I ate a haelthy meal before and after the game. We hit 2 different diners, which I love. You can get homemade meals like Mom used to make for a very reasonable price. So I was good... Well, This thursday is my next follow up appt. and I find out how much weight I've lost this last month. That's right... I only get weighed at the doctor's office. I thought about buying a scale but i thought that I'd get obsessed and weigh myself 1000 times a day. So, instead I obsess over these monthly visits and what would be an acceptable amount of weight loss for a month. I think I'll eventually get a scale but I also thought that I may see that I am doing well and slack off... So Scaleless as i am, I am succeeding so far. I may consider getting another fill thursday also if I didn't lose at least 10 pounds since last month's weigh-in. I thought that 2 1/2 pounds a week is a good amount to continue to lose. I have alot of weight to lose, much more than my fellow band bloggers but I am willing to be patient since my health has improved so much these last 2 1/2 months since my surgery. Baby steps, right? I feel like I'm doing very well but don't notice alot of changing in my body yet. People tell me all the time that I look great and how much have i lost now? but they know I've had surgery so I think they think they're supposed to say that to be supportive. Actually, I've been told I look like I've lost weight often throughout my overweight years, I think people assume that people who are fat always are trying to lose weight so mentioning that they look like they have lost weight is the best compliment you can give them. It always confused me, since I hadn't lost weight... you know, boy who cried wolf and all. I'm thinking about making a vision journal and putting "wish" things in to keep me encouraged and keeping my eye on the goal instead of the chocolate. Well, I did join the YMCA, I am starting to work out regularly this week. I have been walking alot more and knew that the Y was somewhere that I could feel comfortable in(most everyone working out there were normal folk who were fighting the battle of the bulge like me) and i can grow there since they have classes for people of all fitness levels. Also they have a pool for water aerobics and cycling since my knees are not good. I was watching Ruby and they keep showing her in so much denial, which i totally understand since I used to believe that I didn't eat alot or the wrong things... I know now, that i ate alot more than I thought... Since I now eat very little compared to how much I used to eat. It didn't matter that everyone else ate the same amount because they may be more active than me or have a faster metabolism. I needed to learn moderation, someday I may be able to have a little of this or a little of that and not end up with my hand stuck in the bottom of a pringle can or in a sugar coma. but not today.... Even though I'm not there yet, I'm on my way.


  1. I swear that I had paragraphs in this rambling mess... I am not word perfect that's for sure! Sorry!

  2. Nice post! Congrats on the healthy eating at the baseball game! Not an easy task. Water aerobics is a wonderful workout. You don't realize how hard you are working until you get up the next morning and you are a bit sore. Keep going!!!!!

  3. I wish we had baseball in Australia, it is one of the few games I actually enjoy watching.

    I know what you mean about wieghing yourself, I have managed to cut down to every two days that I hop on and have a look, but I only offically weigh in once a week or so.

    Your doing great.

  4. you are always doing something so fun!! :-)

  5. So awesome to be at a game that was pitched perfectly! What a great thing to witness!!!

    I like the idea of the vision journal. What a great idea!

    And the Y sounds awesome. I agree with Miss Vickie - aquarobics is awesome. I have found, too, that some of the oddest things are awesome tools - like a bouncy ball from the grocery store. Put that in front of your stomach and do a sit up. Such resistance!!!

  6. Hey Girlie.. Cindlew and me are BIG PHILLIES fans.. you will need to connect to the Philly band crew.. are you going to CHI in september??