Friday, May 28, 2010


Well, here is my BYOC for this week... 1)If you were a flower, which one would it be and why? This one was difficult...First I thought, maybe A Daisy. It is a happy, cheerful flower and I tend to be a look on the bright side kinda gal, I was born in June and Rose is my month's flower and it smell's so good but I adore Hibiscus and they are so resistant and beautiful. They love the sun and so do I. So I could either grow a hybrid flower or choose one. I can't be put into one box, i would be a different flower each day. Today, I'm a Hibiscus. 2)Which Sex in the City Character do you most relate to and why? This is another Box Question... I have Samantha's sex drive, Miranda's dry wit and red hair, Charlotte's nuturing nature and Carrie's love of life. I also don't have Samantha's fear of committment, Miranda's work ambition, Charlotte's Maternal instincts, and Carrie's love of designer fashion... I am not sure how to answer this without saying I am a combo of all of them and none of them... LOL 3)If you had a crystal ball and could know one thing about the future what would it be? Tomorrow's Powerball numbers would be nice... 4)What is your biggest fear in your weight loss journey? One word... Failure. I wanted to take the leap and get my health back so after going through with getting the band if I failed and didn't feel better, or felt worse, didn't lose weight or gained weight... but I already feel 100% better and am happy with my weight loss so far. So Failure is not an option... I invented the phrase... Self power which is a combination of will power and self control. I have self power and that's all it takes to be in a better, heathier place in my life. I am also afraid that I will begin dressed too young because my weight has kept me out of the cute outfits in my teens and twenties so I would still like to wear them... but in my 40's, yuck! 5)Repeat question: Whose blog or comment spoke to you the most this week and why? The blog that spoke the most to me this week was Stef's blog asking you all to check out my blog... I still can't believe the support and friendship I have found writing this blog... Not only is writing this blog therapeutic but I believe I have found kindred spirits to take along this journey with me. And alot of you came to meet me because Stephanie introduced us... I am not alone in my quest. You are the wind beneath my wings... too cheesy? Too Bad! Grace's blogs about her struggle after losing her love, Tiffany have also caused me to think about losing George in one way or another and It makes me feel dead inside even thinking about that... We all love you Grace and hope you lean on us when you need to....


  1. Wear the young clothes!!! My goal is to walk out of the house with my outfit SCREAMING "mid life crisis"! Ok, maybe it's NOT that bad. But I did honestly leave to go out with my husband last night and asked my daughter if I looked Jerseylicious? We've waited so long, have fun with it!