Thursday, August 2, 2012

I forget what day it is.... I think 9.

List 10 people who have influenced you and describe how....This will be a hard one, but I will give it a try.

  1. My Dad- He grew up in Germany during the war and his family went through unbelievably traumatic times.... His mother and sisters and him were put in a Displaced person Camp(DP Camp) and his father was sent to a work camp. During these hard times, they had very little to eat and my 4 year old father snuck out the fence to help out working on a bread truck or a milk truck to bring home a loaf of bread or a quart of milk to his family. He was always a selfless man, who put his family's happiness before his own. And he taught me compassion, strength, honesty, morals, and values.... He forced me to develop character and to fight for those less fortunate, When I was 12 years old, I asked for a boom box and he got me a job... I am who I am because of who he was.
  2. My Mom- Although she is definitely co-dependent, She is one of the most caring people I have ever known...I have watched her as a care-giver with my sister, my great-grandmom, my niece, my father, my aunt, and now my great niece.... She is a nurturer...and she has influenced me by her selflessness, That I should never have children of my own and I am a better Aunt than I would ever be a mother. I am too selfish! But I love my childless bliss! 
  3. My Mother-in-Law- She is the picture of Unconditional Love, and is generous to a fault sometimes. She gives until she can't even pay her own bills... But I never felt so safe as I have living with her this last 14 months. She is like a protective mother hen, and I couldn't adore her more. From her, I have learned better how to accept my family and love them in spite of themselves, She shows me unconditional love through example, every day! And does it without giving up her own life and enjoying her freedom. It can be done, Mom.
  4. My George- When I see myself through my George's eyes, I am truly beautiful... His eyes light up when he looks at me, and I feel loved. He is friendly and would speak to strangers on the subway. He is extremely likeable. I want to be more like him in those ways. If it wasn't for his overfriendly ways, he would never have approached me 21 years ago and I am blessed that he did. I feel complete with him. He has shown me my own beauty, in it's most flawless form. He has shown me the me, I shrive to be.
  5. My Friend Petra- We have been friends for 25 years, and I have always adored her. She is so charitable and compassionate with Animal and children's charities on the top of her lists. She has been vegetarian, or vegan for most of the time I have known her... but the most amazing influence she has had on me, is her inner mental and emotional strength, You see her first husband shook their 5 month old son to death.... and she survived miraculously. She still struggles with depression, severe sorrow and grief, but she has dedicated her time to helping other who are more vulnerable like animals, and works with sleeping angels fund which helps financially with people who lose a child, since funerals and gravestones aren't anything a young parent should have to plan for... She is one of the strongest women I know... I feel stronger just by knowing her. 
  6.  My Friend Lisa- She is a story of caution. I have know her almost 30 years. She always falls for the wrong guys and gives everything of herself. She has been cheated on, abused, and completely neglected. I don't need to make the mistakes myself, after watching her face the consequences of them. I appreciated the Good Guy, The Geek, Mr. Very Right. She is a survivor, and through her errors I have found my ways. 
  7. My Sister-in-Law- I didn't always understand her, but I have found the sister I always wanted in her.... She is so selfless and attentive as a mother, and is raising the 3 most perfect kids on the Earth. She is so tolerant of my baby brother, who I know personally as a PITA. (Pain in the Ass)... She is always finding ways to make her family a more loving unit and keeping my nephews entertained with healthy activities. She is a SuperMom, and has no Life of her own. So, I have the children I would have dreamed off, through her sacrifice and hard work. 
  8. My Friend Amy- She is a superstar with her band, and has knocked the world over with her weight loss and fitness. She is an inspiration. And she doesn't ever judge me. But her influence on me is much more than that... She is so funny, and pokes fun at herself. You don't  She has an amazing love story, the stuff movies are made of, She is totally honest about her struggles with food addiction, and how much she still fights it even after goal. She has found Zen... Balance of life, love, family, and health... And I strive to find that Balance in myself. 
  9. Children-My nephews and nieces remind to appreciate the little things, Laughter, Colors, the Sun, the Moon, The flowers. You could give them a plastic straw and they'll play for an hour. They sing and dance with abandon... Their innocence makes every day full of discovery... There is more to discover and much more to see. I will not lose my sense of wonder. It keeps me young at heart... 
  10. You- Every time I read about a NSV of yours, or a new experience you had... I want to do those things and experience them myself. Your struggles remind me that I am not alone on this journey, and your accomplishments challenge me to fight harder for my own health. You are so influential in my life... Keep Inspiring!

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  1. Great list---we should make those more often!