Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Day 16.... My 5 Greatest Accomplishments

What are your 5 greatest accomplishments? This oughta be fun, I am not much of an accomplisher.

  1.  It's not really an accomplishment but I have been brave enough to admit that i need help not once but twice... i lost 127 pounds with my lapband and I admitted that I needed help to get the rest of the way to goal, so I am revising to Gastric Bypass. This is a journey full of  accomplishments... and I can't wait to see what's next.
  2. I've never asked a man out until I met my husband, I always let them approach me and dated men who were cute but not keepers. My George approached me and chatted me up but he was too shy to close the deal and ask for my number, so I pushed him by saying goodbye and it was nice to meet you... thinking he would follow through. Big Fat Backfire on that... As I was walking away, I started beating myself up... I knew he was special, and though he could be the one. I saw him walking across the mall to a record shop when I was filled with regret... So I stalked him, acting like I just coincidentally went there to shop, and he saw me and asked for my number.... So I accomplished, getting the man of my dreams in 100 easy steps.
  3. Making my family proud.... At one time or another I have made my family proud by standing my ground, making a stand or helping someone in need... My family is very hard to get approval from so I declare this an accomplishment. 
  4. Traveling... I am not done on my travel quest but I have seen 23 states I think, including Alaska and Hawaii. And 13 countries, mostly in the Caribbean, Cruise Countries you might call them, but I dream of going farther one day. It is not an impressive list but for someone with my previous mobility issues... It is pretty impressive. 
  5. My last accomplishment is a work in progress.... I am beating my food addiction into remission, it will never be cured but I am hoping to have it more under control every day. 

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