Thursday, August 23, 2012

Day 27... Favorite part of the body?

What is your favorite part of your body and why?

             For someone who has tried to hide her body for most of her lifetime, this is a hard question. I love being a redhead, so I would say my hair but it feels like cheating to say that. I could write a list of things I hate about my body but that seems dangerously counterproductive. I do think that I can see my real body beneath all this fat. I have a pretty nice shape and hope to one day... see it without squinting. Here's the list....

  1. I Love my fingers... They are long and lean and look like they belong on a skinny bitch, so the rest of me has to catch up.
  2. I love my eyes... They smolder, seduce, and sparkle when I laugh... Which is often. They are dark brown, with flecks of gold and green. I have bedroom eyes, and I know how to use them...LOL
  3. I kinda like my butt.... It is huge, but the shape is nice. It is pretty firm too. It is probably gonna end up all saggy and weird... but it's a apple-bottom now.
  4. I like my boobs... They are big and not too saggy, but they do cause back pain.. I was hoping to lose a little bit in my chest and haven't yet.... I may have them reduced a little when I get close to goal. 
  5. I promised myself that I would pick 5 things... but I am reaching on this one. My George told me that I have sexy earlobes once, I thought they were saggy and old manish. So I am gonna say I love my ear lobes, because if they are cute enough to get a random compliment from my Man.... Then they are Cute Enough!


  1. lol---why is it so hard to appreciate and compliment ourselves or take compliments...I know I have that problem and I am thinking right now...I don't know if I could come up with 5 things I like---that is terribly sad!

  2. I love this post! I have to say I love my toes lol! My husband loves my lips :) I used to always say I wish I would have smaller boobs and then BAM I lose weight and they are smaller and not pretty! After this tummy tuck comes boobies lol!!