Friday, August 10, 2012

Day 18.... Forgiving.

What has been the most difficult thing you have had to forgive?

            Forgiving.... The thing that brings us closest to God. It is not an easy game to win, but I forgive mostly with my family... I have had a few friends who are like family, and forgiving them was not as easy. But you don't get to chose your family. 

           My sister and I were never really close... She was sickly alot, and she was mean spirited alot. My George and I had a miscarriage like 19 years ago, We never really wanted kids but it was extremely difficult for me emotionally... The Possibility of getting what I didn't think I wanted. To make matters worse, it was a tubal pregnancy so my fallopian tube burst and I almost bled to death. I was and still am like a second mother to my sister's daughter, my niece Niki, my Goddaughter... 

         When I would question my sister's bad decisions with Nicole(Niki)... She always told me, She's not your daughter... she's mine. I would think in my head, then act like it. One time she told me if I wanted to mother something to go lay by my child's grave. It was both the stupidest and the cruelest thing... anyone had ever said to me. I forgave her for her nastiness... but I never forgot. It seems dumb now, since she's gone and I miss having a sister.

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  1. Awful. Not really sure what to say to that, except that you are a kind soul to realize that her own pain likely caused her nastiness.