Sunday, August 12, 2012

Day 20... Time Flies.

Describe 3 significant memories from your childhood...

  1. I was teased because of my red hair and I hated the color of my hair because of it. They called me Carrot top, Cherry head, and the worst which was Red-haired Orangutan. It seems silly now, but then it was soul crushing. Thank God, I wasn't fat yet....BTW, I love being a redhead... These days. 
  2. We were poor, but we always had a lot of fun. We played kick the can & hide and seek outside... And when it rained we went out in the back alley in our swimsuits and ran under the gutters and rain spouts. Probably not the smartest or most healthy thing to do but we were never sick. We enjoyed every little thing then... It was a simpler life.
  3. I went to DisneyWorld for the first time when I was around 12, it was a magical experience... and I have been a Disney Buff ever since.... Even worked there for 5 years, and my George still works there. I remember riding Space Mountain with my whole family, and how my Mom and Dad were annoyed after getting off the ride... I might not have told them it was a roller coaster.


  1. I've been catching up on your blog posts....I have been SO behind reading blogs...this post got me seems that when we have think of childhood memories most of us reminder being teased about something....that childhood memories are not always rainbows and lollypops! No wonder we grow up with insecurities about body image! xx

  2. I never understood why people with red hair were made fun of... I love red hair, I wish I had it! :)