Friday, August 24, 2012

Update and Day 28.... The Language of Love

I am still on the Mend.... I almost wrote Mead, which may have made this recovery easier... but I digress. I am sick and tired of liquids and even though I am more irritable than hungry... This sucks. I am bandless and drinking my meals like a lush. And I have no energy... at all. I am weak... which is because of the low calories level... which should lead to weight loss, but I am retaining fluids still so I am frustratingly seeing high numbers on the scale. Well, My follow up is next Wednesday, so hopefully I will lose a little in the next few days. It's not like I am drinking milkshakes and mudslides people! Soup(Mostly broth-based), protein shakes, Greek yogurt, sugar-free jello, and pudding.... Not even an ICEE at the movies. My Metabolism SUX! On with Day 28...

 What is your love language? 

                    I never read the book but I think the concept is interesting.... Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service, and Physical Touch. I think a healthy, loving marriage needs all of these... And my marriage is chock full of them. 

                  Words of Affirmation~ I truly believe that a compliment can change someone's whole outlook... Saying I Love You is important every day, and in different ways. You mean the world to me... I can't imagine a day without you... etc.

                  Quality Time~ We spend alot of time together but Quality time is different than sitting next to each other on the subway. Talking and listening... Letting the Outside world drop away. 

                  Receiving Gifts~ Thinking of the other person... always. You don't have to buy gifts but the thoughtfulness of seeing something and thinking of your love, is invaluable. Love is a Gift... Giving it can be done over and over, not just once. 

                  Acts of Service~ Helping each other with simple chores, can make your partnership stronger... in a We're in this together kind of way. 

                  Physical Touch~ Sex is extremely important but touch is even more important. Holding Hands, caressing your back or shoulders, putting your fingers through my hand... is Loving.

If I understand this thing... The dealbreaker one is your love language. The one you can't live without... I believe strongly in all of these, but I think the most painful to live would be Physical Touch, When I saw Hope Springs... with Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones, It seemed so sad that they hadn't touched at all in years... So my Love Language would be Physical Touch.


  1. Nice post Chick. I agree, loving touch is very important.

  2. girl.. don't be all scale Nazi nutso. You just had surgery. Your body is hanging onto fluids. IV fluids. I seem to always gain 7 pounds from IV fuid. It will go away. Hang in there. :)