Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I Wonder Wednesday.....

All the Other Kids with their Pumped up Kicks, You Better Run, Better Run, Faster than my Gun,  All the Other Kids with their Pumped up Kicks, You better Run, better Run.... Faster than my BULLET.

  • I am healed.... pretty much! Incisions look good, the largest one is so light... That I can hardly see it already, that's impressive! 
  • I loved Lawless... Tom Hardy is one of my new favorites, he was amazing in Lawless... Great in This Means War... and Fantastic in The Dark Knight Rises.
  • I have my Psych thingy scheduled for a week from tomorrow, and that will complete my insurance regulations for my revision surgery. The Cardiologist was today and he told me that I am extremely low risk for a cardiac event during surgery, so that's good. 
  • I won a Parx Casino Prize Pack from a radio station that includes $100 in free slot play, $100 in Horse racing vouchers, $200 in their signature restaurant, I got to name a horse race(I chose Georgie's Girl), and I get my photo taken with the winning jockey and horse... which leaves me with a moral dilemma of sorts since I don't support horse or dog racing... Why couldn't I have just won all the money for the slots? But it is a new experience.... and I usually embrace new experiences.
  • We are also going down to Atlantic City overnight on Tuesday so I guess it's gonna be a Gamblin' kind of Week.... i got a comp night with Harrahs so I figured a night at Bally's on the Boardwalk at Park Place... Monopoly might bring me luck....Fingers Crossed!
  • I am going to the pre-season Eagles vs. Jets game tomorrow night with my brother and his family.... Yes, That means my sweet nephews and niece will be there.... Yay! Go Eagles! 
  • I really love Dark Comedy.... My sense of humor is incredibly wide... and some of it is just Wrong.... I love It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia even though it makes our people look like complete morally corrupted imbeciles....I promise you we aren't, well most of us aren't. I saw Killer Joe(Matthew McConaughey) and it was violent, bloody, and just all kinds of wrong... I liked it more than a little bit. I loved that weird Dark Comedy with Cameron Diaz called The Last Supper where they invited all kinds of racist, bigoted, sexist republican types over for a dinner party and killed them... Hysterical! And Heathers with Christian Slater and Wynona Ryder was one of my favorites. I adore The Family Guy show too.... PYP Funny!


  1. Heathers...I love that show...classic!

  2. My daughter was watching "mean girls" last night and I mentioned to her that movie "Heathers" and how it was somewhat similar. Not really but for some reason it reminded me of that movie and then I come on here and we're talking about Heathers!!! Well I'm super psyched for you and your revision surgery coming up. That is awesome! You've already had an incredible weight loss so far so I know this will get you where you want to go!!

  3. I'll turn you into a gambler yet! Glad to know you have bounced back already! E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!!!!

  4. I LOVED Lawless, we went to see it on Friday. It was awesome!

    Glad you're feeling so good already. I bet you can't wait to be done with all the hoops insurance wanted you to jump through. :)