Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Day 23....Get a Hobby!

 List your top 5 hobbies and why you love them....

  1. Scrapbooking... I love it, but it is not a cheap hobby so I have taken a bit of a break while money is tight round these parts. I have made scrapbooks of many trips we've been on and family events. I have even made some gift scrapbooks for my Niece and Sister-in-Law.
  2. Photography... Actually alot of my hobbies go hand-in-hand, you take photos on vacation or of your family, and then you scrapbook those photos. i love taking photos of my nieces and nephews and pride myself on being a great candid child photographer and I got my husband is really into nature photography, he loves taking photos of animals in the wild and beautiful landscapes now.
  3. Movie Screenings... We see alot of movies in the theater, most of them. And we go to see them ahead of time in Advanced Screenings. Tonight I saw Sparkle, and I also saw The Odd Life of Timothy Green & Hit and Run this week. We know all the regulars and the critics and it is like a social event... We all love movies, so it is like being in a exclusive club. 
  4. Travel... I love to see the World, and experience other cultures. We have been around a lot but we look forward to seeing much more... I especially love to Cruise, it is the most relaxing vacation you could ask for. 
  5. Collecting Autographs...I have been collecting autographs for the last 20 years, and even though I am not into it as much lately, I have a huge amazing collection. Some Celebrities i have met and some I have written to over the years. Once I got into scrapbooking, I lost interest in this hobby but I still love to look at my books. I have Frank Sinatra, Barbara Streisand, Bette Midler, Arnold Schwarznegger, Liam Neeson, Robert Deniro, Jack Lemmon, Clint Eastwood, and many more....I got to meet alot of celebs too... When I was younger, I met Mario Lopez, John Stamos, Pamela Anderson, The Cast of Big Bang Theory, The Cast of That 70's Show, And a ton more. It was a fun lifestyle that My Groupie George got me into....


  1. Ooh, you met the cast of the Big Bang Theory? I'm super jealous. They all seem like really great guys. :)

    I still need to see if I can't get into the Advanced Screenings club around here, I know they do it. I just don't know how to get in on it!

    1. Yeah, I was disappointed by the cast of Big Bang... but I love the show still. It was when they first started the show and they were slightly full of themselves, except Johnny Galecki... He is a pro since his Roseanne days.

      One of the national screenings websites is We use that one alot...