Sunday, August 5, 2012

Days 13 and 14... Strengths and weaknesses.

 Describe 5 weaknesses you have.
  1. My George~ He talks me into all kind of things that we really can't afford, and he is irresistible, plus I wanna see and do things too but I am the logical one in the relationship, i wish I didn't have to always have that role. I used to be a dreamer, but 2 dreamers in an adult relationship is bad news. But since I love making him happy, and my dreamer side fights me when I say NO. I end up at all kinds of concerts, sporting events, and even a much needed cruise this December. I love every minute of it, but Savings is a foreign word to us.
  2. Sugar~I am Sugar's Bitch... It gets me, even when I do everything to block it out of my life completely. It sneaks in.... somehow. It will be my greatest accomplishment to make Sugar my bitch. I will be in control of it... someday.
  3. My Weight~ It makes me weak, physically and mentally. It beats me down whenever I try anything new or overly active... I struggle through it and then the next day I can't even get out of bed. It will not always be this way, but it is unbearable sometimes that I have lost 127 pounds and I am still this heavy. That is why I am having the revision, I don't mind the slow weight loss, As long as there is there is weight loss... This year long plateau is too long.
  4. Laziness~I like to relax... alot. I like to watch TV, and sleep late.... I miss out on too much because of it. I have an almost stress-free existence, but I don't get much done and I procrastinate constantly.
  5. I'm Delusional~ I don't care for reality much, I like to pretend that everything will be ok, and when it's not....I am shocked. Even though, All the signs were there.                                              

Describe 5 strengths you have....

  1. Compassionate~ I truly feel for others, and I will fight their fight with them. I will be there voice, when they are mute. I will hold their hand when they need support... I will be there shoulder to cry on... and most of the time, I will cry with them. Some people would consider this a weakness, but it is God's strength at work through me.
  2. Cherishing the Little Things~ I stop and smell the roses, I love to people watch, I smile and laugh constantly, I gaze into the eyes of my loved ones, I can never collect enough smiles or laughs from others... especially my nieces and nephews, Every memory is valuable to me, I scrapbook random minutes of my life, I enjoy... every moment life offers me.
  3. Math Mind~ I can do math really quickly in my head.... Bistro Math, Discount math, I am a whiz kid of sorts.
  4. Sense of Humor~ I can look at anything in a humorous way, I laugh at anything life sends my way, I do think laughter is the best medicine, I have a quick wit and I love to make people laugh, I really believe that all the world's a stage and we are all under-rehearsed...
  5. I am a Survivor~ I will get through this Weight Loss Journey too, Just like I got through the attempted date rape when I was 13, which started me on the weight gain journey, Just like I got through the sudden death of my little sister, and the quick death of my father... I come from a long like of survivors. My Dad and his family were imprisoned in Displaced Persons Camp during the war in Germany... His father was in a work camp, And they found each other again, after the war... the survived things we couldn't even imagine.

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  1. Great post! I suffer from laziness as well, hard as that might be to believe. I reeeeally have to force myself out of bed sometimes, or off the couch. It's not fun. :(