Saturday, June 19, 2010

Vacation Flip Flop!

Well... Thankfully We were able to switch our vacation around so we will be in Toronto first before Niagara Falls... Which means we will be missing the G8 & G20 political summits... Thanx to my husband throwing his weight around on the phone. So we will have a better chance of enjoying the city even though they are already preparing for the summit as we speak. I have been having trouble lately getting up to 1200 calories without turning to chocolate... which is delicious but I am afraid the chocolate will start me having carb carvings and getting that monkey off my back was the best thing for my weight loss. I hope that the sugar free chocolate won't have that affect but who knows... I think my doctor is going to say that I should be getting 1500 calories a day as well... since my weight is so high. I want to make this new lifestyle work for me as well as possible with as little sacrifice as possible. That way I can live this way from now on... and it is less like a diet. We are going to the movies today. I haven't worked out at all today either. So there's that... I am packing for our trip though... how many calories does that burn?


  1. Hi Maria!

    Thanks for Following me, I am Following you too!

    Have a great time on your vacation, and Happy Birthday a little early!!

    I hope you are able to get around easier without your wheel chair. I too used to use one all the time. I haven't used mine since my Surgery!! I am hoping to not have to use it again until I am much older. LOL

    PS) I love your blog colors!

  2. Have a wonderful trip...and I think packign burns about 500 calories :-) I wish!!