Saturday, June 5, 2010

Go Flyers!!!!!

Well, I'm totally enjoying my time with my nephews. And the Flyers are doing excellent in the Stanley Cup. My 2 year old nephew Chase is holding my 2 week old nephew Blake in this photo. I have been trying to watch my eating habits and still enjoy myself. It is so nice spending time with family... I wish I didn't live so far away from them! We prefer the warmer climate though and hate the ice and snow. I think these Angels would definitely be worth a little Chill, but where would my Hubby be as happy and make as much money doing what he loves at Disney. I can't imagine, where? Well, tomorrow is game 5 of the Stanley Cup and a BBQ/pool party. When I get back to Florida, I'll get back to my daily workouts, for now I'll make due with some extra walking and swimming. Now that I watch what I eat, I notice that most people don't. Up here Cheesesteaks, Burgers, and Pizza make up alot of the menu and down there they deep-fry anything and everything before soaking it in gravy. I guess I know why I am fat, I was eating things that I now know the calories and carbs content and it's friggin' scary. I mean, I used to eat more calories in one meal than I do in a day now. Crazy, isn't it?

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