Thursday, June 3, 2010

I lost another 16 pounds and don't plan on looking for them!

I am having a great time in Philly visiting my Nephews... and they are absolutely adorable. Blake is my 2 week old nephew as you will see in my earlier blogs and he's perfect... Gorgeous and sweet as an angel. Chase is my 2 year old nephew and he's talking up a storm. He speaks so clearly and is so smart, and is also the most adorable child in the world. How can 2 be the most adorable child? Aren't all your kids, nieces, and nephews the most adorable in the world? In order to spontaneously drop everything and com here I had to cancel my monthly follow up with my surgeon and that's when I get my weigh in... So, I was really wondering how much I've lost this month and I saw this scale at a rest stop in Maryland which costs a quarter and gives you your weight and lucky number... I am not sure how accurate those scales are but I figured for a quarter at least I can get an idea... Well, It seems I've lost 16 pounds more this month. Which is much more than my monthly goal of 10 pounds a month... I hope it is true! That means 60 pounds so far, I have a long way to go but I'm thrilled with my progress. If the scale said I gained weight, I would have chalked it up to inaccuracy and obsessed over it for weeks until my next visit to the surgeon. Here in Philly, the food is gooooooood enough to eat! Which I thought would be a problem. I love soft pretzels... Alot. My husband got a cheesesteak pretzels which is essentially cheesesteak meat and cheese inside a soft pretzel, kinda like a best of Philly hot pocket. They are so yummy and I took a couple bites... Not as good as I remembered. I got a mini pretzel because I didn't know if I'd get stuck... It was hot right out of the oven and yummy but I can't handle them anymore. I felt like I was getting stuck and couldn't eat it all so my hubby ate the rest. I went to one of my favorite German restaurants and since I love Spaetzle(German noodles dumplings with brown Gravy)... I didn't hardly eat any. I didn't enjoy them as much as I used to love them... they were just okay. I am relieved... in a way. I mean, as a recovering Carb-Addict... My favorite Carbful foods seem like they would be tempting to be around but they're not. If I want a little bit, I'll try it and see what it's not cracked up to be... I think of this as a NSV. I mean, being in the place I grew up and learned all of my bad eating habits... and not desiring to continue them. Could it be that junk food is over-rated? Inquiring minds want to know... I am in a good place, a place where I look around and say "I could do this!" I could lose this weight and not look back. If Soft Pretzels and Spaetzle can't beat me, nothing can?


  1. Hi Maria.. great WL.. (I am jealous as my scale is NOT moving).. despite best laid plans.. Love that you have your Flyers gear on your facebook.. I dropped you a private email.. Thank you for your post on my blog.. hope to be able to meet up with you if you are up to it.. be well

  2. Yay!! Congrats on the WL. I've been thinking about food with respect to the band and if after not being able to eat certain things it looses its appeal. With your love of pretzels and Spaetzle it must be. We'll see how it goes for me.

    Happy Friday!!

  3. That's all so very awesome! Congrats on the weightloss! That's impressive!!! And super awesome that you beat back the ol' faves on the food front with a taste and a stick! Keep on enjoyin Phillie!!!

  4. Congrats! Keep it up!

    Stop by and let me know if I can ever be of assistance