Sunday, June 13, 2010

Geek Squad... The story of my life.

My laptop was out of commission for a few days so I need to catch up reading and writing my blogs. Geek Squad to the rescue and now it's up and running. I thought about the name and realize that since I now consider myself to be a band geek... that makes you all my bandgeek squad. As for me, I drove home from Philly in a burst of sorrow and depression after the Flyers lost the Stanley Cup in overtime in game 6. As a Philly sports fan, you always think you're prepared for the choke affect but the Flyers played well and fought hard so they hardly choked. I noticed that we all go through the mourning over a championship loss in different ways. My George wanted to sit in silence... Hello, Have you met me? Silence for a 20 hour drive, would be better than anger and rage for a 20 hour drive, I guess, so I let him stew in his own sadness and disappointment. As for my Brother, he mourns by analyzing what the team could do for things to end up better next season... and he wants to talk about it, which goes against the silent but deadly sorrow that my DH wanted for himself. We dropped Dave(brother) off at home and started our silent journey. There's always next year... I, for one, am glad that I am taking control of my life now... no longer am I putting it off til next year or next month or next week.... Yesterday, I had my first sliming experience in the Perkins... Cut to me covered in mucus running for the bathroom. It was worse than the PB event in the Bob Evans... Maybe I should start eating at home more... I wasn't eating anything different than normal. Grilled Chicken and broccoli... I felt stuck after eating like 1/3 of my meal... maybe too fast again. And I started spewing all over like a fountain... It couldn't be contained nicely in a napkin like the PB incident, unfortunately, but after continuing the evacuation in the bathroom and cleaning myself up... I got through it.... thanx to you all explaining what to expect. You are such a blessing on my journey.... My Bandgeek Squad.

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