Sunday, June 27, 2010

Niagara is for lovers!

We are really enjoying our time in Niagara Falls. So much that I have near passed out from exhaustion whenever we finally get back to the room. Hence the last of blog posts... that and less than useful internet signals. Anyway, We ate in the Revolving Dining Room at the top of the Skylon Tower... The restaurant turns 360 degrees and has breathtaking views of the falls. I ate a $25 burger (no bun) and broccoli. It was absolutely yummy! They say they make it from Filet mignon... I say best burger I ever had. The view was incredible! It was a great way to start our trip off. Then, I past by the Hershey Store... remembering that I hadn't had a piece of birthday cake, I was wondering if they had that yummy cake that I had at Hershey's Chocolate World in Hershey, PA... They had cupcakes instead but the same as the cake. I was getting one when the sales girl said "They're buy 3 get 1 free"... I asked my hubby if he wanted some and he said yes... I told myself I would have one that day and one another day...cut to me 4 hours later with chocolate crumbs down my shirt and icing on my face like a child at their first birthday party... I had eaten both friggin' cupcakes... I still have a crazy sweet tooth. My George ate both of his too but I promised myself I could resist... when I knew I couldn't. Anyway, I screwed up and got back on the horse... I have tried to eat right since that "Birthday" celebration night... but I had rye toast today at breakfast. I love rye bread and I know I'm not supposed to eat bread and it also gets stuck sometimes... but there i was, eating 1 1/2 slices with butter. Wow, I guess I have been less strict here and there on vacation but over all... I've tried hard to eat right. It is difficult to teach an old dog new tricks... Did I make myself the dog in this scenario? I am trying to retrain myself... to eat healthy all the time but is it wrong that I keep treating myself in moderation? Is it like alcoholism where they can never have any alcohol ever again?... Junk food... is my drug of choice. I can't kick it cold turkey! I need words of advice, here... should I be beating myself up everytime the chocolate wins? Can I expect to learn moderation only 3 months after surgery? Is it ok as long as I'm still keeping my calories low and still losing weight? I'm afraid I will fall back into old patterns...


  1. Hi Maria, Don't beat yourself up. I have found that if I try to deny the chocolate monster I end up eating too much, I find it better to endulge occassionally with something I thoughly enjoy - no more cheap big blocks of choc for me:)

    Remember, this is a lifestyle, not a diet. Everything in moderation is alway best.

    Glad you were out of Toronto when the trouble with the G20 was happenning!

  2. You're on holiday, you seem to be being really active and if the worse thing you did was eat 2 cupcakes it sounds like you're doing really well.

    I predict you'll have lost weight after your vacation!

  3. I would be one big bruise if I got a beating everytime the chocolate wins...I eat chocolate every day...I plan for it and it gives me something to look forward too. No beating're learning from it and that's all that will get easier the more you work on it and the skinnier you'll start to realize that your worth it and you'll win that fight sometimes (yes, the beast still wins sometimes). HAVE FUN!!!

  4. When I went on vacation I planned on giving myself a little bit of fudging room so that I could enjoy myself. One of the best parts of vacation is trying the local hotspots! Don't beat yourself up. Every week I plan for a day that I can have something sweet.

  5. It was your birthday! You got the band so you can live a happy healthy life - so live it!!! A night or even a weekend is not what got you to your highest weight and it most certaintly will not bring you back there. Sometimes you have to just enjoy life, enjoy food, and then if the scale is not so nice, well then the next day you go for a walk and eat better. If You are not planning to live the rest of your life without without chocolate then I suggest you leave space to eat it now too. At least this way you will learn how to put it down when you've had enough!
    Enjoy vacation

  6. I agree with the others, especially Band Groupie. I would be black and blue if I beat myself up all the time for eating something sinful.

    My sin of choice, especially now we are in Summer, is Ice Cream. However, I try to eat it in moderation.

    Instead of eating a whole pint of Haagan Daz, I try to limit myself to a plain sundae from McD's. It is only about a 100 cal's without the nuts, syrup, cone, etc. Or I have a sugar free or fat free frozen yogurt.

    It's your birthday, and you are on vacation, so enjoy yourself a bit.