Saturday, June 5, 2010

BYOC- Better late than Pregnant.

I sometimes forget what day it is and I missed doing the BYOC this week so here it is... fashionable late! 1)If you could live anywhere in the world-Where would it be and why? This should be an easy question but it's not for me. We live in Orlando, Florida, The Happiest Place on Earth and I really love it. But I am 1000 miles away from most of my loved ones and my Niece and Nephews especially. So I think I would like to keep moving around and live in an RV. I love all the places we travelled to and saw around the world and would love meeting people all over the US since you all are incredible and live all over the world... there may be more amazing folks left to meet and get to know. I would love to live briefly in NYC, Seattle, Paris, London, Hong Kong, and Tokyo but I've only visited 1/2 those places so I would decide how long to stay depending on how much I liked it. I would visit friends and family all over the US making it for all occasions, parties, etc and see all the National Parks. In order to live this way I would either have to be wealthy or a writer since we would have to find jobs in each place and that would be difficult to manuever. I would love seeing the cultural differences all over the world and living there gives you a better view of everyday life. If I had to choose a permanent place to live other than here... I loved the people and places in Hawaii especially Maui and Oahu. I told you it was a hard question. 2)How old were you when you got drunk for the first time? I was older than most... about 20 I think, It was in a graveyard in Hillsboro, Ohio(Smalltown, USA-People seems to drink and party in graveyards alot in my younger days)... I guess the privacy and quiet was intoxicating... literally. I know quite a few folks that lost their virginity in a cemetary too...LOL... 3)What was your favorite toy growing up? This one should tell you something about my future... It was an easy bake oven. Of course, I loved those little stupid cakes and brownies I could make on my own... I wonder how many calories in those bitches. I also loved my cabbage patch doll. 4)What is your favorite season and why? I love the fall... I love seeing the colors change up north, I love the festivals, i love Halloween, Thanksgiving, and picking pumpkins. I love the weather being not too cold and not too hot.... Perfect. 5)Repeat question-What blog or comment spoke to you or stuck with you this week and why? This is always difficult since you are all inspirational to me and most of your blogs are thought provoking. I have to say that Carmen's Positivity Pay it forward post was inspirational. I have always believe that giving compliments do as much for you as they do for the receiver... If I think something looks nice on someone, Or someone has beautiful eyes, or teeth... I tell them. Sometimes I drive after a women in the supermarket parking lot to tell her how put together her outfit looks... Stalk much? but she smiled and I could tell her day was enhanced by my compliment. It creates a domino affect, making her smile and feel good will cause her to go on in her day much more likely to do the same for someone else... Pay it forward! Thanx Carmie!


  1. What great answers...I agree, Hawaii is awesome (it was my answer for that question) and I loved the Easy bake oven. Funny thing is that last night, my daughter asked me if we could make something in hers. It was such a retro flashback!!

  2. Aww...all the Floridians are here! I have to get to Hawaii...we are actually talking about it for next year but I'm torn between that and going to Italy again!