Saturday, February 26, 2011

Now I know my ABC's....

I was tired and overwhelmed by my post-cruise blues... so I decided to ease myself back into blogging... Here's some ABC's.... A)Age:41 but I'm 28 in my mind.... B)Bed Size:Currently King but downgrading in my hometown move... to a Queen(Which I will share with my King and a little furry prince) C)Chore you Hate: I hate housework of all kinds... and I dislike driving too. So I guess the better question would be which chore don't you hate and the answer..... Shopping:Food, Clothing, actually anything and I also like to plan vacations(Is that a Chore?) D)Dogs? Q... Or Mister Q, short for Q-Tip, and his nickname is Boo-Boo. He prefers to be considered Human-Challenged, instead of a Dog and thinks he's tough even though he weighs 14 pounds and is very fluffy. E)Essential Start your day item: dancing and singing to Hey, Soul Sister gets my day off on a cheery note, but my vitamins, protein shake and Fiber Protein bar are also essentials F)Favorite Color: Blue, once I stared into my George's eyes... Purple(Childhood/teenaged years) flipped to Blue. G)Gold or Silver: Gold is making a slight comeback but I'm still a silver girl. H)Height:5'8" but I used to be 5'9"... As I'm losing weight, I'm losing height...LOL I)Instrument you play: Skin Flute.... LOL. I took piano and flute lessons but they never really took. J)Job Title:Trophy Wife... K)Kids:We are Young at Heart and not mature enough to Parent, even our furchild fends for himself once in a while but we are an amazing Aunt and Uncle. L)Live: Huh? WTF does that mean? Does this call for a clique? M)Mom's Name: Margaret but everyone calls her Peggy, it's an Irish thing... N)Nicknames: Well, My family and close friends still call me Ree or Ree-Ree, My nephew calls me Mamma Mia, and My George calls me Cupcake, Kisses, and sometimes Pumpkin Pie or Sunshine. O) Overnight Hospital Stays?: Is this a Insurance form? or a quiz? Yes... 2 P)Pet Peeves: Indifference, Bigots, Know-it-alls, Drivers who think they're more important than everyone else, People who speak in foreign languages to exclude folks, Loose Skin, People who assume WLS is the easy way out, People that think Fat=Ugly, and Bullies... (Honestly, You got me started... and that was the short list)Q)Quote from a Movie: If you can't say anything nice about anybody... Come sit by me. (Can you name the movie?) R)Right or Left-handed: Right-handed but Left winged...LOL S)Siblings: Lisa-Sister(died at 33) and David-Brother(currently 37 but behaves like he's 7) T)Time you wake up? Before you Go Go U)Underwear:Definitely,except during the 3 S's (Sex, Showers and Swimming) V)Vegetable you don't like: Asparagus, Brussel Sprouts, Peas.... W)What makes you run late? I like sleep alot. X)X-Rays, you've had done? Back to the Insurance forms again... Reach much? I like X-rated, can that be my X? Y)Yummy food you make? I will cook more... this year, but I prefer to eat in restaurants. Z)Zoo: Philadelphia Zoo... First Zoo and Rocky took Andrian there. **********Anyway, I am glad to ease back into my blogging now that I'm back on dry land... but look forward to some great picture posts and if you have any questions for me... please ask and I'll answer in an Answers? You asked for it post.


  1. I can't wait to see the pics. We have a cruise scheduled for January and may try to sneak one in over the Summer if my husband gets enough work (he's self employed). I love cruising.