Wednesday, July 28, 2010

You like me, You really Like me!

Rules, the rules for the award are as follows!!! I am so excited i may implode! 1)Thank the person giving the award.... Hey V! Thank you so much for being so witty and interesting... truly Stalkworthy. And for nominating me and my little blog for this Versatile award. I love your blog... too, and it is wonderfully rewarding to know you feel the same way about my incessant ramblings. 2)Share 7 things about yourself. .....a)I am an avid scrapbooker, I am sure I mentioned this fact before but some details... I love taking photos, especially portrait photos... I try to capture emotions and rejoice in the relationships celebrated and revealed in the photos. Photography is an amazing art form and scrapbooking is a way to celebrate the art form within another artform...LOL. I am doing a scrapbook of my journey with the weight loss and finding myself beneath these layers of curves. ....b)I am a First Generation American. My father was a German Citizen born in Romania, and grew up in Austria and Germany. He moved to the Philadelphia Pennsylvania area in 1959 when he was 22 and met my Mother, born and raised in Philly, about 5 years later. .......c)I was friends with several of my Husband's friends for years before we met in a mall... I wonder why they never set us up before we met and fell in love on our own...LOL ........d)My husband works in the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, we moved here to Orlando, Florida 10 years ago, when we realized if we didn't move here we would never see anywhere else in the world. We love Disney and enjoy going to the parks as often as we can. .......e)I love to sing... In the shower, in the car, in public, in private... I love singing movies where people break into song instead of explaining how they feel, I love the sh0w Glee and I am a big ol' GLEEK. I would love if when I start singing, instead of staring, if folks would just sing along or start dancing in the background... Gleek! As a strange coincidence, I was named after Maria in the Sound of Music... but my MomMom went to her grave believing that I was named after her. Her name was Maria too... ....f)My little Sister died in her sleep at 33. It was very sudden and shocking, we had a tumultuous relationship and alot of unresolved issues, that I always hoped we would sort out and become lifelong close friends... g)I love all things burlesque, the feather fans, the corsettes, garter belts, striptease, Moulin Rouge..... etc. But I have never been comfortable enough with my body to express that. I also love belly dancing and hula dancing. Why don't my love handles look sexy like theirs? 3)Nominate 15 newly discovered Blogs... 2:Amaris at 3:Steph at 5:Angie at 6:Gwen at 7:Gilly at 8:Hey at 9:Kerri at 10:Terri at 11:Michelle at 12:Carmen at 13:DonutDiva at 14:Barb at 15: workinprogress at I know some of my nominees are not new bloggers but this is my first nomination so I want to let them know how much their blogs have influenced and inspired me.


  1. Thanks for the award, Maria! You are so sweet!

    And congrats on receiving yours - very well deserved! I love that you live so close to Disney - I'm so jealous!

    And I'm a self-professed Gleek too. :)

  2. :-) xoxo!
    I'm a Gleek too!!

    I'm so sorry about your sister :-(

  3. Congrats on the award... but it's not surprise though, you have an awesome blog!! :) I've never been to Disney but have always wanted to go... maybe someday!! :D

  4. I am so honored! Thank you so much. <3 I hope we can meet up at or near Disney one of these days since I'm really not that far away.

  5. *hugs*!!!!! I thank you for the shout out, and I also tell you that I love all things corset/burlesque too!! I even have an OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive leather corset that I bought on a whim...I am such an exhibitionist!! :)

  6. Congrats on your award, deffinitly deserved! And thank you for nomintating me I'm so happy that eventhough I'm still very new that you enjoy my blog. It means alot! I love Disney too!! However we live near Disneyland not world.