Friday, July 2, 2010

Ramblings of a Chocolaholic...

Thanx for all the wonderful words of advice, you girls are so supportive and always keep me from diving into a pool full of chocolate pudding. I was a little nervous about the lack of loss this month but we were travelling/away for over 1/2 of it. I am struggling with tough cravings today and I feel like I was letting the carbs get the best of me... I was sort of worried and nervous about the weight loss stall... I will overcome this thing too. I have lost 60 pounds in just a little over 3 months and I never expected to lose that much that fast. My doctor is thrilled with my progress and so am I, but this journey is long so I have to make sure I keep it moving. Gilly, you are probably right, I mean, maybe since I have so much to lose, dieting for a while would be smart. I do make alot of sacrifices and watch what I eat already which could seem like a diet already. I don't eat any bread, rice or pasta at all but I treat myself to sugar-free chocolate too often, way too often and sugar-free is not calorie-free. I love chocolate... especially during my TOM. Well, I can do better, for sure. I mean if worse comes to worse.... I could continue eating 1200 calories a day, eat chocolate a couple times a week and not exercise regularly... hoping to continue losing the 2 pounds a week. If I diet some days and exercise more... I could lose a little more and kick my weight loss up a notch. I will get there! When, may be up in the air but i will get there... BTW, What a surprise! There was a huge box of incredibly awesome clothes waiting for me when I got home today from the Sisterhood... Thanx so much Carmen! I will look like I just walked off the Catwalk, thanx to your great style and shrinking bod! *Maria*

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    i might have more for you!! let me know how they fit...